Diponegoro University Pratama Clinic have added a new service namely Diponegoro Wound Care or a wound care center. This wound care service for the community officially operates since Monday, July 13, 2020. The inauguration ceremony of Diponegoro Wound Care was marked by the withdrawal of signboards and cutting of tumpeng,

Diponegoro Wound Care is an initiative of the Diponegoro University research team consisting of Ns. Niken Safitri Dyan Kusumaningrum, M.Sc.Med from the Department of Nursing Science (FK Undip), dr. Akhmad Ismail, M.Sc.Med from the Department of Medicine (FK Undip), and Andriyan Budi Presetyo, SE., M.Sc from the Faculty of Economics and Business. Funds for the establishment of this wound care center come from community service grants in the form of the Campus Intellectual Product Development Program (PPUPIK) from the Ministry of Research and Technology / BRIN. The idea of establishing a wound care center was inspired by the revealing of data that shows that the amount injuries happened have develop each year.

“We saw from the data and it turns out that the amount of injuries happened is always growing every year. From the simplest injuries, accidental injuries, the former surgery to the most severe injuries, it all develops and continues to develop along with the increase of human age or life expectancy, thus resulting many people to be injured. Finally, we took on the initiative of why we don’t make a wound care center. So, when there is something we can deal with, we can,” said Ns. Niken Safitri Dyan K, M.Sc.Med.

The types of wound care served by Diponegoro Wound Care ranging from minor injuries, acute injuries to chronic injuries. Minor injuries such as blisters. Acute injuries such as incision wounds (wounds caused by tools with sharp edges), burns, wounds after surgery to trauma wounds. As well as Chronic injuries including diabetes, cancerous wounds, and pressure injuries (injuries to the skin that can injure the underlying tissue).

Another advantage of Diponegoro Wound Care is that it serves wound care services with the concept of modern wound care that is equipped with standardized procedures. From free medical consultation services, to comfortable treatment rooms, equipped with mechanical chairs. This chair design was designed by the research team. This chair can be moved up and down to adjust the height needed, and can also rotates. The back of the chair can be upright or recline. Likewise, the armrest can also be reclined. The chair for the injured patient is indeed designed so as to facilitate patient care for the wound.

“Our hope in going forward, Diponegoro Wound Care will become one of the embryos for the center for healing at Diponegoro University. Currently, it only limits to wound treatments, but hopefully later it will develop into research, education and teaching activities. Being a center for healing, ” explained Niken Safitri Dyan K, M.Sc.Med.

To facilitate the convenience of patients to receive the service, in the future the wound care can also be done at the patient’s home by carrying the concept of Home Care – Home Visit. But for now, taking into consideration the Covid-19 pandemic, Diponegoro Wound Care – Pratama Clinic located at Professor Soedarto SH street, is still limited to serving patients who come to the clinic on service days, Monday through Friday, starting at 8 am to 7 pm. (Narration – Hariyani. Photo – Evan Daffa).