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Robot Model Trial of UNDIP Graduates

The 159th Graduation of Diponegoro University, which is planned to be held at the end of July 2020, will use a robot as a substitute for graduates. The design of the robots was similar to the graduates, wearing a complete toga clothes. The face of the robot was made with a 10-inch tablet screen, this screen will later be used to show the face of the actual graduates utilizing video call application. With this application, robots can be invited to communicate both ways. Inside the robot’s body, there was a motor with power derived from batteries. Meanwhile, to move the robot, i.e. to be able to walk forward or backward, it uses a remote control.

“We have designed this robot to resemble actual graduates, including the ability of one hand to be able to shake hand with the Rector, as well as the other hand to receive the given diploma. This robot is operationalized by one person who moves the robot back and forth as well as moving its hand, “explained Rofiq C. Prayoga, ST as one of the members of the research team who is also part of Undip’s robotic team alumni.

This graduation robot is a development of robot researched for hospitals that is specifically designed to assist medical staff in delivering food and medicines for Covid-19 patients, as well as to communicate both ways between patients and medical personnel. Robotic research for hospitals which was developed since March 2020, was then continued with robot researched for graduations. The research and development activities of these robots are part of the research activities carried out by the Center for Higher Education Science and Technology (PUI PT) Health Technology Center for Bio Mechanics, Bio Materials, Bio Mechatronics, and Bio Signal Processing (CBIOM3S).

“We at CBIOM3S designed a robot for stroke patients, we also designed a robot to assist medical staff in delivering the needs of Covid-19 patients which are currently being developed towards diagnosing Covid-19 patients. Then we also developed a bionic hand. And now we are developing a model of a graduation robot substitute for the graduation of graduates, “said Dr. Rifky Ismail, ST., MT, Head of PUI PT Health Technology CBMIOM3S Diponegoro University.

This graduation robot model was just only 80% complete. After the trial, the graduation robot model will be developed and refined by the research team so that they can carry out the expected movements.

Meanwhile, the Plt. Vice Rector of Communication and Business, Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE, MA, PhD, who was present at the trial, said that this innovative invention of Diponegoro University’s academic community were important steps for Undip today and in the future.

“We have a tagline of research for the people, means the results of research and innovation at the Diponegoro University academic community can be utilized by the people. For example, the bionic hand used by migrant workers to work in Korea. Ozone technology to extend the life of horticultural products. Any innovation is useful for the people “, explained Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE., MA., PhD

Furthermore, the Vice Rector for Communications and Business said that Diponegoro University as a Legal Entity College (PTNBH) was demanded to be independent. One of the assets owned by Undip is to be independent, one of its proof was by developing research and innovative results for the benefit of the people.

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