In the event of implementing the Diponegoro University Strategic Plan (Renstra) in 2020-2024 as well as preparing the implementation of the 2021 Major Program, the Diponegoro University Planning and Development Board held an online Renstra exposure program. The presentation was done in 2 sessions which were held for 2 days. The first session that took place on Monday 13 July 2020 presented 11 Faculty Leaders and 2 School Leaders (Vocational and Postgraduate Schools) at Diponegoro University.

The second session, which took place on Wednesday 15 July 2020, was also held online. The second session agenda was the presentation of work programs by units at Diponegoro University including LPPM, LP2MP, LPPSDKU, BPSDM, BPSU, RSND, and all Directorates at Diponegoro University.

During the opening remarks in the second session’s exposure, Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, SH., M.Hum instructed the exposure participants to emphasize a work programs that are moving forward.

“There are three aspects in planning a program that must be considered properly, namely the clear input, process, output and outcome, it has to move forward. So that we can get a better and stronger good governance at Undip”, explained Prof. Yos Johan Utama.

Furthermore, the Rector added that all elements ranging from faculties / schools, institutions, and units to pay attention and support the ranking of the university as this is really crucial for Undip’s work support because of its PTNBH status. The Rector also emphasized that to implement the Undip Strategic Plan for the next 4 years and the 2021 Major Program, a hard work and joint efforts are needed to achieve better and greater Undip goals. (Narration & illustrated image: Ninok Hariyani)