Semarang, July 19th 2020 – On Sunday, July 19th 2020, Diponegoro University holds New Students Admission (PMB) online test for prospective postgraduate students and professional students registered in independent admission (UM). There are 980 participants who will take the test by using CAT (Computer Assisted Test) application that is specifically designed by IT team of Diponegoro University for online test. The specialty of CAT application is examined twice on previous tests which are on New Students Admission (PMB) for Postgraduate part one of odd semester, and Academic Potential Test (TPA) in collaboration with Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian PUPR).

During the test, browser on participant’s computer is allowed only for opening page of that consists of exam question which is programmed with CAT system and browser to connect into Zoom application. The speciality of CAT application designed by IT team of Diponegoro University is that it can detect fault fastly.

“If there a participant who is trying to open other application or other website, the system on CAT application can detect and give warning at the moment. Therefore it can minimize cheating on exam”, said Dr. Bambang Cahyono, M.S. as Head of Admission and Promotional Center of LP2MP Diponegoro University.

Meanwhile Zoom application is used to oversee the test. Supervisor oversees the participants similar like offline test, however on online test the supervision is done virtually. Participants should turn on camera and audio features on Zoom. Camera is used to synchronize the face of participant with face on test card to oversee the participants during the test.

“Through Zoom application, the supervisor strictly oversees the participants from voice or light that is captured by camera on participant’s computer. Thus if there a suspicious participant, it could be known. If there a participant who is replaced by other person as substitute likewise, it can be found out easily. There are double supervision from CAT and Zoom applications”, added Dr. Bambang Cahyono in his remark.

To oversee the implementation of online test, Undip employs 55 supervisors who are attended training program on last Friday (17/7/2020). In offline test, the ratio of supervisor compared with participants is 1:20, then in online test the ratio is 1:40 which means one supervisor oversees 40 participants. Computer Laboratory of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) of Diponegoro University in 2nd floor of ICT Building become supervisor room center.
The test is started on 07.30 AM. The participants take three types of questions which is divided into 3 sessions. On session one, participants work on Academic Potential Test (TPA) for 2 hours. Session two is English test for 1.5 hours and on session three the participants take substance science test according to their respective study programs.

This CAT application will be continually developed and specifically used to hold online tests in Diponegoro University or in collaboration with other party. The experience of Diponegoro University on implementation of test for the third time is sufficient as a proof that online test is more efficient, accurate, and fast. Implementation of test become efficient because the time provided to complete the exam question is shorter than written test. Score calculation is automatically done by computer system so that it is more accurate. The score result comes out faster, it does not take several days. The internet connection that is needed by the participants to take online test by using this CAT application only need bandwidth less than 1Mbps.