TEMBALANG, SEMARANGDiponegoro University on Sunday, July 19, 2020 will hold an online New Student Admission Test for prospective Postgraduate, Professionals and Extended D3 students who register through the independent pathway. A total of 980 participants will take the test using the CAT (Computer Assisted Test) application designed by the Diponegoro University IT team specifically for online examinations. The superiority of the CAT application has been tested twice in the previous exams, which were during the implementation of the first batch of odd semester New Student Admission Test for Postgraduates as well as during Academic Potential Test collaboration with the Ministry of PUPR.

“During the online test held on Sunday, the internet browser on the participant’s computer will only allow to open the ujian.undip.ac.id page and access for the page will be opened half an hour before the test starts. Participants will be asked to input the participant number and other personal data, then they will be given time to practice the test,” explained Dr. Bambang Cahyono, M.S as the Head of the LP2MP Admission and Promotion Center of Diponegoro University, who was met during the exam supervisor training event (7/17/2020) at the Undip ICT building.

Supervision of the exam was carried out online. Supervisors work just like supervising participants on face-to-face exams, only that online examinations are conducted virtually using the Zoom application. So, in addition to opening the ujian.undip.ac.id page, participants must also open the Zoom application and enable their camera and audio features. Supervisors mark the participants attendance by matching the participant’s face caught on camera with the participant’s photo from participant’s CAT application.

“Through this Zoom application supervisors closely monitor participants from the sound and light captured by the participant’s computer camera. So, if participants make suspicious movements, it can be detected. Likewise, if the participant is replaced by someone else it will also be discovered. Well, one supervisor will later oversee 40 participants. Means the ratio is 1:40,” added Dr. Bambang Cahyono.

Furthermore, Dr. Bambang explained about another advantage of the CAT application owned by Diponegoro University, which is able to detect cheating quickly. If there are participants who attempts to open other applications or other browsers, the system embedded in the CAT application can track and able to give an immediate warning. Thus, exam cheating can be minimized. This CAT application will continue to be developed and used specifically to serve online exams at Diponegoro University as well as for collaboration with other parties. (Ninok Hariyani)