Turkey is the new trend of Kudus Regency. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected turkey breeders, resulting in the dramatical decline of turkey populations. Diponegoro University through a program of strengthening the community’s main commodity, helps breeders in the pandemic. Ir. Bambang Sulistiyanto, M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D., I.P.U. as the chief executive of the activity stated that the turkey was officially endorsed by the Regional Government as a new icon of Kudus Regency. “Undip hopes that turkey breeders in the Kudus region, especially Undaan Kidul and Medini villages, will remain enthusiastic and never give up, as well as be creative in cultivating the turkeys,” said Bambang Sulistiyanto yesterday, Tuesday (July 14, 2020) at the time of the ceremony of grants to breeder groups guided by the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture (FPP) Undip. The donated broodstock is superior and productive brooders consisting of 16 brooders and 6 males. It is hoped that from this grant it will be able to produce a minimum of 100-150 turkeys in less than 2 months. In addition, to maintain the availability of turkey meat, FPP Undip also helps providing 100 tillers, feed, medicines and multivitamins.

Fauzi Mahfud as the representative of Undaan Kidul and Medini breeders expressed his gratitude and welcomed the assistance of this turkey. “We really hope the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture of UNDIP to always accompany and provide knowledge of turkey cultivation, from the basic to advanced, so that we can immediately catch up with the progress of our fellow turkey breeders who have been previously guided by Undip,” said Fauzi.

This collaboration of breeders which partnered with the University will provide a development progress of Kudus’s Cultivation. So that the progress of turkey business in Kudus Regency can be realized immediately.