SEMARANG – Diponegoro University (Undip) graduates nationally ranked third fastest in terms of getting employed. The assessment was given by the international rating agency, QS, from the results of a survey of higher education graduates in Indonesia.

Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama SH MHum, stated them during the Instagram Live Kampus Chek at According to Prof. Yos, the recognition given by rating agencies was to be thankful for because in Indonesia there were at least 4,700 higher education institutions, most of them in the form of universities.

In the context of higher education institutions that are included in the international ranking, the fastest ranking of the graduates in obtaining employment is occupied by ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung), an institution of technical higher education which has been very long in existence. While the second rank are occupied by Bina Nusantara University (Binus) Jakarta, followed by Undip in third position.

To help alumni be able to quickly find suitable jobs, Undip has built partnerships with hundreds of large national and multinational companies that provides jobs with a capacity of 20,000 people per year. In fact, in the average, Undip graduated only 11,000 people annually from bachelor, master, doctoral and vocational programs.

“Now what is important for prospective students is to choose the college with the most immediate graduates to get a job. If the campus is classy, but the graduates are unemployed, what for? Undip is the three fastest graduates in getting employed. Supported by many large companies that are able to accommodate 20,000 workers per year, while Undip graduates 11,000 per year, so it’s safe,” said Prof. Yos.

Although ranked third, Prof. Yos revealed that the overall total value is not much different, which is in the range of 15.8-27.5. In the employer – students connection aspect (the company actively provides employment or participates in campus activities in order to provide positive opportunities for students) Undip won 77.8. That means Undip’s connectivity with several companies is quite good, thus providing positive opportunities for students.

Surely, the Undip Rector stressed that prospective students do not need to be afraid to study at Undip. Why? Because at this campus various scholarship programs are available, there is also a apprenticeship program for students with an income of around Rp1 million per month.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Undip Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Undip, Prof. Budi Setiyono SSos MPo.Admin PhD, who mentioned that there are 45 institutions providing scholarships in collaboration with Undip. The quota for scholarship recipients at Undip reached around 11,000 students with a total fund disbursed of Rp 65 billion per year.

Budi Setiyono stressed that the form of scholarships used several schemes, such as monthly cash assistance, tuition assistance, and more specific assistance. The priority of this assistance, he said, is for underprivileged students who apply, and for students who excel in academics and certain fields.

Regarding learning patterns Budi Setiyono said that in principle there are two learning patterns applied by Undip. Basing on the interests of students, there are two pathways namely career (career, professional) and job creator (job inventor). For those who are concerned in the job creator pathway, the University supports the development of students to become business people.

Whereas for students who choose career paths, the university provides Undip Career Center, an institution that prepares career development. This institution is managed professionally and modernly by PT Undip Citra Ciptaprima.

The Chek Kampus Program was hosted by Ara and Dhila, both of whom were also alumni of the Social Sciences Department of Social Sciences Undip. Both claimed to be proud as Undip alumni. During this program, virtual tours were also carried out to a number of lecture buildings and facilities in Undip, guided by Undip outstanding students, Berlian Shinta Faradiansyah.