SEMARANG – The graduates’ robots performed a handshake with Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.H, after receiving the diploma at the 159th Graduation of Diponegoro University (Undip) which was conducted virtually and centered on Prof. Soedarto, SH Building Tembalang Semarang, Monday (7/27/2020).

Undip Rector was enthusiastic in handshaking the “graduates”, although in his speech he said it was done because of the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rector said, in facing the uncertainty we must try to understand all changes.

Prof.’s statement Yos, emphasized through the poetry that became the closing report of Undip Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs Undip, Prof. Budi Setiyono Budi Setiyono S. Sos., M.PolAdmin., P.hD. The Vice Rector 1 cited the present condition in its four-line poem that reads: “Buah duku dikira mangga… Mobil Daihatsu dikira Toyota… Hati terharu melihat kalian diwisuda… Sayang tak bisa bertemu gara-gara corona…”

After handshaking the Rector, “graduates” shifted from their place to handshake with faculty deans. Each faculty was represented by three graduates. However, the pemindahan kuncir procession was not done as a graduation sign. Because of time efficiency considerations, Undip has not continuing the tradition of pemindahan kuncir as a sign of graduation, said Budi Setiyono.

Representing the graduates, Kharisma Ayu Zeini Halisoh from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, revealed that although the graduation was conducted online, the happiness and pride remained. “Even though we are called corona graduates, we also need to remember that we are currently being tested,” said Kharisma Ayu, representing the feelings of her friends.

Undip’s 159th graduation marks 2,561 graduates from various study programs and levels. The undergraduate program graduated 1,297 students, 296 in master programs, 33 in doctoral programs, 5 in applied bachelor programs, 34 in specialist programs, 119 in professional education and 777 in diploma. Because of that the activities were carried out in eleven phrase which were divided into four days of activities from Monday to Thursday (7/30/2020).

On the first day, there were three phrases, namely Phase I for the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) and Faculty of Psychology; Phase II for the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Public Health; and Phase III for the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Graduations Phase IV and V were conducted to mark graduation from the Faculty of Medicine and Vocational School; Phase VI for the Faculty of Science and Mathematics and Vocational Schools. Phase IV to VI will be conducted on Tuesday (07/28/2020).

The Faculty of Economics and Business receives a graduation schedule in Phase VII (together with Vocational Schools) and Phase VIII along with the Faculty of Engineering. The phrase IX of the graduation is intended for the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Humanities. On the fourth day for Phase X there will be graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Engineering and Vocational School, and Phase XI intended for the Postgraduate Program and Vocational School.