Mayor of Semarang Hendrar Prihadi, Wednesday (4/8/2020) visited the Diponegoro University campus to see first-hand of the innovations developed by Diponegoro University. During this visit, the Mayor of Semarang was welcomed by Prof. Budi Setiyono, S.Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph.D as Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs and Dr. Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE., MA., Ph.D as Plt. Vice Rector for Communications and Business.

The results of Diponegoro University’s innovations include medical robots, which function to reduce contact between medical personnel and Covid-19 patients. The Graduation Robot used at online graduation to replace the physical presence of the graduates as part of an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As well as the Zeta Green air purifier which can eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi and is able to inhibit the spread of disease, help cure diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. These medical and graduation robots are innovations from the Center of Science and Technology CBIOM3S of Higher Education, Diponegoro University. Meanwhile, the Zeta Green is a product of the Teaching Industry at Diponegoro University and Dipo Technology.

This innovation product from Diponegoro University was demonstrated at the Rector meeting room at Widya Puraya Building, 2nd floor. After witnessing in first-hand about the features of the medical robot and graduation robot, as well as the advantages of the Zeta Green air purifier, the Mayor of Semarang was interested in following up on the innovations by Diponegoro University. This form of collaboration between Diponegoro University and Semarang Government is in the form of further research. Undip will receive research grants from the Semarang Government. The purpose of this follow-up research is to further refine the functions of these robots according to needs.

“We, the city government of Semarang, need a community service robot where this robot can serve people who plans to meet the mayor, for example delivering letters from the community to the mayor. There will be no direct face to face but it will be represented by the robot and the communication through the screen on the robot. This is part of the efforts to prevent Covid,” said Mayor Hendrar while watching the graduation robot demonstration.

The same applies to the medical robots, the plan is it will be tested at one of the Covid-19 handling hospitals in Semarang, where the function of medical personnel is replaced by this medical robot. Such as a function to deliver food, medicine and other patient needs. The mayor hopes that this medical robot can improve its appearance.

Diponegoro University welcomes the interest of the Semarang Government to collaborate on research.

“We hope that by collaborating with the Semarang Government, Diponegoro University can become a leader in terms of robots that deals with Covid-19. So that in the near future, the City Government will agree to collaborate in developing research on these robots,” explained Prof. Budi Setiyono.

The results of the research collaboration between the Semarang Government and Undip can further develop the three robots for community service, each of which is placed at the Mayor’s office, at the Regional Library, and at the Semarang City One Stop Service. Likewise, medical robots are expected to assist medical personnel in serving Covid-19 patients, thereby reducing direct contact between medical personnel and Covid-19 patients.

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