After the announcement of the participants who passed the UM S1 selection on Friday (21/8/2020), the amount of enthusiasm and interest for studying at UNDIP was still in its peak. Many people have asked about the possibility of opening other pathways besides UM.

Considering the amount of interest and the needs of the people who wanted to study at UNDIP, UNDIP opens UM 2 selection for SMA / SMK and MA graduates who have graduated in the last 3 years, namely 2020, 2019 and 2018.

The amount of interest in studying at UNDIP cannot be separated from the achievements of UNDIP and the quality of UNDIP graduates. Where UNDIP have ranked 3rd in the amounts of graduates that are absorbed in the field of work according to QS rankings.

As the number 1 university in Central Java, UNDIP has advantages in the quality of education, service quality and graduates who are ready to work.

As a research university, UNDIP has produced many experts and innovations that benefit the people. Supported by modern laboratories and supporting facilities successfully delivers experts in the field of science and social who plays a role in solving regional issues and supports the progress of Central Java.

“By paying attention to the public interest, especially graduates who intend to study at UNDIP, it was decided to open the UM 2 S1 program selection,” explained Prof. Budi Setiyono, Sos., M.Pol.Admin., Ph. D as Vice Rector I for Academic and Student Affairs in an interview on Wednesday (26/8/2020). “However, achievement is still the main consideration to pass the selection,” he added.

UM 2 UNDIP registration starts on August 27 to 2 September 2020 online. Selection based on uploaded portfolios which can also be complemented by the achievements made in the applications that have been provided.

The results of the UM 2 UNDIP selection will be announced on September 4, 2020. Complete information about the UM 2 UNDIP registration requirements can be seen on the page.