The Youth Organization Movement is a youth development activity to enhance and develop the creativity, taste, initiative and creation of the younger generation with the aim of developing human resources aimed at realizing social welfare for the community, especially the younger generation. For this reason, the Tunas Jaya Youth Organization, Wates Village, Undaan District, Kudus Regency has pioneered a creative economic business in fish cultivation. This activity can be carried out because of the assistance by Diponegoro University (UNDIP) through the IPTEKS program for Undip targeted villages (IDBU) by utilizing irrigated land for parrot fish and common carp cultivation. Dr. Ir. Cahya Setya Utama, S.Pt, M.Sc., IPM as the chief executive explained that this assistance was a facilitation for higher education institutions for the development of the Village area which would later be formed to be an Edu-Technopreneur area by utilizing irrigated land in Wates Village to support educational tourism areas.

“Today (Saturday, August 22, 2020) UNDIP sent a resource on fisheries cultivation, namely Mr. Alfabetian Harjuno Condro Haditomo, S.Pi., M.Si who came from the Aquaculture Department, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, UNDIP to provide theoretical and practical training, said Cahya. To support cultivation practice activities, FPP UNDIP provides assistance with fish seeds and feed. The results of this cultivation practice are expected to be the initial capital for the development of freshwater fish cultivation by the youth of Wates Village.

Abdullah Ashofi as the head of Wates Village welcomed the assistance by UNDIP and hoped that such activities could be carried out frequently and continually, so that the village community could increase their knowledge as well as the youth could obtain innovative productive activities through empowering the village’s potential and environment. In the future, it is hoped that the synergy of the village government and tertiary institutions can be closely linked to improve knowledge, skills, competitiveness and welfare for the people of Wates Village.

Suliyono as the head of the Youth Organization said he was very satisfied with this activity. We are full of enthusiasm to put a practice of the materials and skills given today, because UNDIP does not only provide us theoretical training, but we can directly put it on the real practice, said Suliyono. The Wates Youth Organization activity is expected to be a pilot activity for increasing community income.