Just recently, UNDIP announced the results of the Independent Examination (UM) 2 for on Friday (4/9/2020) at 21.00 WIB. UM 2 selection results can be accessed via the link announcement.undip.ac.id.

UNDIP Rector, Prof. Yos Johan Utama, SH., M.Hum. congratulate the participants who passed UM 2 S1. “Welcome prospective students to a classy research campus that upholds the values of Pancasila and the fighting spirit of Prince Diponegoro,” said Prof. Yos. Of the total number of registrants, 21,849 students, there were 2301 students passed. “The high interest of prospective students to study at UNDIP shows that UNDIP is the campus of choice,” he said.

As one of the PTNBH campuses in Indonesia, Diponegoro University is the main goal of prospective students to continue their education. Having 11 Faculties as well as Postgraduate Schools and Vocational Schools consisting of social and scientific programs, Undip provides 52 study programs for undergraduate programs that have produced many experts in their fields. The high enthusiasm of registrants each year is proof that Undip is one of the main choice campuses not only limited to Central Java. “It is proven that registrants are not only from Central Java, as enthusiasts who register and pass the selection came from 34 provinces,” said Prof. Yos.

In addition, Undip is a university ranked 3rd in Indonesia whose graduates are quick to be absorbed in the field of work. The variety of study programs and research university facilities at Undip is a supporting factor to form graduates who are reliable and ready to work. Undip also has a mission so that prospective students from all circles of life can continue their education at university level by providing various scholarship programs. Undip also collaborates with many national and multinational companies that have a high capacity for Undip graduates. As a research university, Undip together with students always tries to develop various innovations that are beneficial to the nation.

Of the 52 undergraduate study programs, the Medicine Study Program is still in the top rank with a total of 1794 registrants. Followed by the Public Health Study Program with a total of 1572 registrants. The third position is Law Study Program with 1433 registrants. Then in 4th position is Communication Science Study Program with 1370 registrants. The Psychology Study Program is in the 5th favorite position with 1307 enthusiasts.