Just recently, the Department of Fishery Product Technology, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) UNDIP held a training on making smoked fish using liquid smoke for the UMKMs in Kendal Regency. The activity was held in the village of Tanjungsari, Kendal Regency on September 7, 2020.

Present at the training event were Ir. Sri Harjinto, who serves as Head of the Kendal Regency Marine and Fisheries Office, Ir. Gunadi as the Head of Capture Fisheries along with the ranks of the Kendal DKP and Leader of Tanjungsari Village H. Muhammad Sugiyanto. The resource person from the FPIK UNDIP Fishery Product Technology Department Team, namely Dr.Ir. Fronthea Swastawati, M.Sc. as the Leader along with its team consisting of Prof. Dr. Ir. YS Darmanto, M, Sc., Romadhon, Spi., M.Biotek. and Slamet Suharto, S.Pi., M.Si.

Starting the presentation of the training material, Dr.Ir. Fronthea Swastawati, M.Sc. conveyed that the aim of training in smoked fish using liquid smoke technology was an effort to transfer knowledge about the application of liquid smoke in smoked fish processing, as well as the management of GMP and SSOP in the processing so that everyone could produce quality smoked fish products.

The conducted activities were in the form of counseling regarding the application of liquid smoke in the smoked fish processing process which can improve the quality of smoked fish products themselves, in addition, a counseling on product packaging and product marketing that can be increased to digital-based marketing was also held. Both with social media and market places that are currently popular in the current industrial era 4.0. The participants were representatives of 10 UMKMs Leader that process smoked fish and pindang fish product.

There are 84 smoked fish processors in Kendal district, scattered in various districts and villages. The village that has the highest number of smoked fish processors is Tanjungsari Village, Rowosari District. The types of fish that are mostly processed into smoked fish in the village include stingray, sea catfish, and tuna. However, in other smoked fish processing areas there are also processors that process flying fish, salmon, cucut, and mackerel. The processors in Kendal district as a whole are traditional smoked fish processors.

While in his remarks, Ir. Sri Harjinto as the Head of the Kendal Regency Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office welcomed this training. He expressed his gratitude for the knowledge given to representatives of UMKM participants in Kendal Regency about making smoked fish using liquid smoke technology. “It is hoped that the knowledge gained from this training will be useful to improve the skills of UMKM players, which in turn will increase the welfare and regional income,” he concluded.

Utami Setyowati (Head of Subdivision of Public Relations of UNDIP)

For research questions, please contact the resource person: Dr.Ir. Fronthea Swastawati, M.Sc. from the Dept. Fishery Product Technology FPIK UNDIP, 08562681613