UNDIP as a research university continues to strive to dedicate knowledge and research results for the benefit of the people. Moreover, during this current condition, where the Covid 19 pandemic has not shown any decline and signs that it will end. Every effort has been made to prevent the spread of this virus. The government along with all institutions and levels of society have worked hard to break the chain of spreading this virus.

As the best and largest university in Central Java, UNDIP plays a role in helping the local and city governments of Semarang to deal with the current pandemic. Various studies and researches have been carried out to provide awareness to the public by health experts and UNDIP epidemiology experts about the importance of complying with health protocols to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

Not only knowledge and insights needed to raise awareness about the discipline to comply with health protocols, but also innovations and research results designed to help the Government treating Covid patients.

The results of the Diponegoro University’s innovations include medical robots, which function to reduce contact between medical personnel and Covid-19 patients. The Graduation Robot is used during online graduation to replace the physical presence of the graduates, as part of an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As well as the Zeta Green air purifier which can nullifies viruses, bacteria and fungi and is able to inhibit the spread of disease, help cure diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. These medical robots and graduate robots are innovations from the Center for Excellence in Science and Technology for Higher Education CBIOM3S, Diponegoro University. Meanwhile, Zeta Green is a product of the Teaching Industry at Diponegoro University and Dipo Technology.

This innovative product of Diponegoro University was demonstrated in the 2nd floor of the meeting room for the Rector of the Widya Puraya Building on Tuesday (4/8/2020). After witnessing firsthand of the features of the medical robot and graduation robot, as well as the advantages of the Zeta Green air purifier, the Mayor of Semarang was interested in following up on Diponegoro University’s innovations. This form of collaboration between Diponegoro University and the Semarang City Government is in the form of further research. Undip will receive research grants from the Semarang City Government. The purpose of this follow-up research is to further refine the functions of these robots as needed.

“We, the city government of Semarang, need a community service robot where this robot is to serve people who want to meet the mayor, for example delivering letters from residents to the mayor. There is no direct face to face but represented by the robot and the communication through the screen on the robot. This is part of the efforts to prevent Covid,” said Mayor Hendrar Prihadi while observing the graduation robot demonstration.

Likewise, medical robots were tested in one of the hospitals handling Covid-19 in Semarang, where the function of medical personnel was replaced by this medical robot. Such as a function to deliver food, medicine and other patient needs.

Following up on the initial meeting, it is planned that on Wednesday (16/9/2020) there will be a signing of a Joint Commitment between the Semarang City Government and UNDIP Regarding Research Support and Technology Development in Handling the Covid 19 Pandemic in Semarang City.

“It is hoped that the results of the research collaboration between the Semarang City Government and UNDIP, both robots for community service, are placed in the Mayor’s office, Regional Libraries, Semarang City One Stop Services and also Zeta Green which functions to absorb dirty air, and nullify bacteria and viruses, will greatly help accelerate the handling of the Covid pandemic in the city of Semarang”, concluded Dr. Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE., M.A., Ph.D. as Plt. Vice Rector of Communications and Business in his statement on Tuesday (15/9/2020).