SEMARANG – Diponegoro University (UNDIP) students who came from various faculties and generations have succeeded in inventing applications to support the marketing of UMKM (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) products. This startup, called, has the advantage of guaranteeing free shipping costs for consumers who are in a radius of about 500 meters from the manufacturer.

The choice of providing this free shipping charge service is a commitment between the application provider and the partner. “We want to grow the economy between our neighbors. If Central Java has a Jogo Tonggo program (looking after neighbors-ed), we hope this can be a pattern for Mbantu Tonggo (helping neighbors-Ed),” said Dwi Aji Prasetyo, one of the founders of, Tuesday (22/9/2020).

In principle, he said, this application is no different from other applications that bridge transactions between producers and consumers based on delivery and payment services. The difference is it is only for transactions with a radius of about 500 meters. The partners of Gets is committed to send their own orders to consumers free of charge. “This is what we call Mbantu Tonggo,” he said.

It is believed that this business model will not only strengthen the environmental economy, but also encourage the spirit of mutual cooperation in our society. Because, a transaction between neighbors will sure cause people to be more understand of the specific conditions more than just relying on application information. This commitment of Mbantu Tonggo has also strengthened when the COVID-19 pandemic hits, so public activities and interactions between residents have to be limited.

Therefore, most of the commodities offered are primary needs including vegetables, daily necessities and general services. has 4 types of services through its application, namely Gets Food to make ordering food easier, Gets Daily to order daily necessities, Gets Service to connect with service providers, and Gets Cook for cooking ingredients. For service providers who are interested to become partners, you can download the application “Gets Seller” at play store or the website Meanwhile, consumers can download “Gets id”.

This pioneer app, which was launched on September 8, 2020, was initiated by several UNDIP students, Dwi Aji Prasetyo (Instrumentation and Electronics Study Program Student at Vocational School), Sulistyo (Architecture Study Program Student, Undip Faculty of Engineering) and Prima Alumni of D3 Electrical Engineering Undip, They are optimistic about startups that they are built will develop, even though at the moment its service is only limited for the Semarang city.

Prima, one of the founders of, said that the demands for digitalization were inevitable. Referring to DataBoks in 2018, of the 60 million UMKM units in Indonesia, only 18% have utilized the digital platform. Of that fact, there are still 51 million UMKM business units that need a digital platform for their business. “A new platform is needed to accommodate them. It is not enough just to rely on an existing platform,” said Prima.

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