Responding to the Merdeka Belajar policy that has been implemented by the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia since 2019, Diponegoro University continues to hold various programs related to the activities of the Kampus Merdeka. Along with the goal of Merdeka Belajar to create a creative and fun learning environment, UNDIP is holding various activities outside the main class. The Merdeka Belajar Program is in accordance with UNDIP’s goals to produce graduates who are complete and excellent nationally and internationally.
Last September, UNDIP has also implemented one of the Kampus Merdeka programs, which gives students the right to take courses outside the study program through the PERMATA SAKTI (Pertukaran Mahasiswa Tanah Air Nusantara Sistem Alih Kredit dengan Teknologi Informasi) program / Indonesian National Student Exchange Credit Transfer System with Information Technology. Furthermore, the off-campus program held by UNDIP for study and student exchange. Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, student exchanges will be held online without reducing the essence of these activities.
Various faculties hold activities that support the Kampus Merdeka program, including the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Psychology UNDIP holds an Online Summer Course Psyche 2020 with the theme “Unlocking A Joyful and Meaningful Life: An East-West Way”. It can be followed for free by students from all majors, this online class discusses self-happiness and how to get happiness from the perspective of eastern and western culture. Interest in registration is quite high, reaching 200 participants. A number of online course participants are from abroad consisting of Malaysia, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Netherlands.
The Faculty of Law UNDIP also holds a student exchange program entitled Lex Proficia 2020 (Law Exchange Program For Introducing the Indonesian Culture). This virtual summer program is held to introduce Indonesian culture to student exchange students. This event can be participated by the second, third, and fourth years International Undergraduate Student (IUP). Registration is still open until November 1, 2020 and is free.
These activities are expected to provide more knowledge to students so that they become more active and adaptive. Even though lectures are still carried out online, UNDIP hopes that students can be more creative and focus on developing their own potential through learning programs outside the study program by participating in various quality activities.