SEMARANG – Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama S.H., M.Hum., shares his experiences during the preparation process, transition period and management of Legal Entity State Universities (PTN-BH) to Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Rector, Prof. Dr. Jamal Wiwoho S.H., M.Hum. and his staff. The sharing is carried out to support UNS, which is undergoing a transition period from a university with the status of BLU (Public Service Agency) to PTN-BH after the issuance of PP Number 56 of 2020 concerning State Universities Legal Entities, Sebelas Maret University.

Prof. Yos Johan reveals the chronology of the change in the status of UNDIP from BLU to PTN-BH. The process to achieve the title of becoming an autonomous public legal entity state university with PTN-BH is carried out in several stages. Starting from the submission which is encountered by many administrative reforms to the emergence of government decisions. Since UNS has passed this process, the next transition process according to Prof. Yos is a stage that requires joint commitment within the university. As experienced by UNDIP after officially becoming PTN-BH in 2017, several adjustments must be made.

These adjustments, including changes in the financial management of funds other than the state budget, management of University Entrance Scholarships (Beasiswa Masuk Universitas), organizational structure and governance, governance of welfare patterns, governance of non-civil servant staffing systems, and governance of filling additional positions for educators and education. “UNDIP is ready to provide assistance, there are many things that can be useful in practice for friends at UNS. I congratulate UNS by the issuance of PP Number 56 of 2020 and becoming PTN-BH”, said Prof. Yos Johan, Monday (12/10/2020).

During his visit to UNDIP, UNS Rector, Prof. Jamal was accompanied by UNS Vice Rector for General Affairs and Finance, Dr. Bandi; Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation, Prof. Sajidan; Chair of the UNS Senate, Prof. Adi Sulistiyono; Secretary of the UNS Senate, Prof. Hasan Fauzi; and Expert Staff of Rector in the field of Finance and Management of UNS, Dr. Muhtar.

UNS Rector, Prof. Jamal Wiwoho reveals that the higher education institutions he leads have officially been designated as PTN-BH. Therefore, adjustments must be made so that what the government determines can be fulfilled as much as possible and can be manifested in real activities in the field. Jamal says that PTN-BH is the highest level because it has full autonomy in managing finances and resources, including lecturers and educational staff.

UNS Solo is now officially the 12th PTN–BH status university, and is releasing its previous PTN Public Service Agency (Badan Layanan Umum) status. Since UNDIP already had the status of PTN-BH, UNS also conducts a comparative study here. Apart from the comparative study, UNDIP and UNS also signed a memorandum of understanding.

“The big family of UNS would like to thank you for all the prayers and attention of the ladies and gentlemen so that it has been signed by the President, PP No. 56/2020, dated October 6 [2020] regarding the PTN-BH UNS. Also to friends at Undip who are willing to share their experiences. May God Almighty provide convenience for the progress of UNS”, said Prof. Jamal Wiwoho.

With the status of PTN-BH, the higher education institution is allowed to manage all of its income, including student tuition fees or UKT in full, although it has to enter a state account (Ministry of Finance) before use. Currently in Indonesia there are 122 PTNs, of which 77 PTNs have the status of Satker (Work Units), 33 PTNs have the status of BLU (Public Service Agency) and 12 have PTN-BH status. “UNS becomes the 12th PTN BH”, he said.

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