Semarang (23/10) – On this day, fish seeds are spread in Jatibarang Reservoir as series of events on 63rd Anniversary of Diponegoro University. This activity is held to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a fish restocking program. This event is carried out by implementing health protocol and is attended by the Rector, Vice Rector, Chair of the Academic Senate, Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the Dean of the Faculty / School. In this event are present the representatives from the Marine and Fisheries Office of Central Java Province, Plt. Mayor of Semarang, Balai Besar Pemali Juana River Basin, Head of Health and Environment Laboratory Center of the Central Java Marine and Fisheries Service, and Semarang BTN.

FPIK and FKM Undip are collaborated in organizing today’s event. The event begins with greeting from Prof. Ir. Tri Winarni Agustini, M.Sc., Ph.D. as Dean of FPIK. She said that FPIK Undip will conduct guidance for the surrounding community by spreading fish seeds. Thus, it is hoped that the fish in the reservoir can develop and become part of the development plan for the tourism area of Central Java in the tourist area of the Jatibarang Reservoir.

Head of the Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Central Java Province, Ir. Fendiawan Triskiantoro, M.Si. conveyed that he supports fish development in the Jatibarang Reservoir by participating in sowing nila and tawas fish seeds. He hopes that fishery products can be processed optimally. Meanwhile, Head of Semarang City Fisheries Service, Nurcholis, ST., MT, represented Acting Mayor of Semarang, Drs. Tavip Supriyanto, M.Sc. delivered a speech. “The Ministry of Fisheries supports the sovereignty, sustainability, and welfare of the ecosystem by restocking fish in public waters, namely rivers or reservoirs which are now experiencing decline. Improper fishing facilities have reduced fish. Hopefully with this collaboration Undip will be more advanced and solid in advancing Semarang City”, he said.

Fish restocking activities are expected to strengthen Undip FPIK cooperation through fish cultivation, while FKM Undip collaborates with local communities to process fishery products into healthy products. Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum. hopes that this program can be beneficial for the development of the reservoir water ecosystem. “The restocking program by spreading fish seeds is Undip’s effort to help provide food sources”, he said. Furthermore, Prof. Yos hopes that the 63,000 fish seeds will provide blessings and benefits to the community.

The event continues with a dialogue with representatives of fishermen who catch fish in the Jatibarang Reservoir. “Undip’s presence is very helpful with various community service programs that have been carried out several times, including Covid-19 assistance. Undip provides assistance for fish breeding with cages and also counseling”, said one fisherman.

Apart from being a tourist attraction, many visitors to the reservoir come to fishing. By the distribution of fish seeds and counseling to the surrounding community, it is hoped that fish cultivation can be successful. At the end of the event, the fish stocking is symbolically carried out by the Undip Rector and officials attending the event. Hopefully this series of events of 63rd Anniversary of Diponegoro University can contribute to maintain the balance of the public aquatic ecosystem in Semarang City.