The Directorate of Communications and Alumni Relations in collaboration with the Undip KKIB Business Incubator have carried out the activities of Alumni Teaching Phase 1 in 2020 on Saturday, November 7th 2020. This activity has become an annual agenda. Drs. Mujid Farihul Amin, M.Pd. As Director of Communication and Alumni Relations, stated that the topic of Digital Business Development is the right choice. In a disruption era like today, the development of digital business also seems to be getting faster. Therefore, students along with the alumni and academic community of Diponegoro University need to prepare and anticipate it well. The event was opened and attended by Dwi Cahyo Utomo, S.E., M.Sc, Ph.D, Akt, as representation of university leaders. In his remarks, Undip Vice Rector for Communication and Business expressed his sincere appreciation for this activity. At the same time he urged the students to be courageous in trying new things and to not to be afraid to fail.

The activity which is attended by 323 participants, presented two speakers who are expert in their fields. The first speaker presented is Ir. Arif Kurniawan, M.M. as the Commissioner of PT. JNE. Arif Kurniawan who is an alumnus of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics said that we should not be afraid of the amount of competitors. As long as we are creative and innovative, the presence of competitors will become our own challenge to develop our business.

The second speaker is Ir Daniel Lukito, M.M., M.Sc., founder of PT. Jordan Plastik. Daniel is currently still listed as a student in the Doctoral Program in Economics of Undip. He stated that the experience of being an entrepreneur is not always smooth. However from this failure, he get a lot of lessons and experience to develop his business.

This activity is guided directly by Idris, S.E., M.Si as the Head of Undip KKIB Business Incubator. According to him, if it is not limited by time, there are still many responses and questions asked by the audience. Despite it is done online, the enthusiasm of the participants is very high. Until the end of the event, there are still many participants asking questions to the two speakers. Indirectly, the alumni teaching activities also supports the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs supported include the 4th SDGs for quality education, the 8th SDGs Decent work and economic growth and the 9th SDGs for Industry, innovation and infrastructure. This has become a commitment from the university leaders to always support the SDGs in every activity they do.

On this occasion, Mudjid as the Director of Communication and Relations of Alumni also expressed his gratitude to several parties who have supported the event starting from Erasmus + with its Smart Project. The two parties assist in developing an entrepreneurial spirit at Undip, as well as JNE and Jordan Plastik who fully support in holding this event.