KKIB Business Incubator of UNDIP in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Students’ Community held a Preneurtalk about the Small Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with What’s up UMKM? on 31st October 2020 via  Google Meeting. The idea comes when the UNDIP Smart team realized that the growth of students’ entrepreneurship in UNDIP is getting faster as the Erasmus+ and Smart Project supported. In creating as well as maintaining the amateur business, the students especially the member of the Entrepreneurship Students’ Community should update their knowledge related. The Preneurtalk 2020 was designed to improve the students’ critical thinking as well as public speaking skills. It is expected that their business knowledge improved well. Two cases were discussed about the impact of the recession on the Small or Medium-Sized Business Enterprise (SMEs) and Omnibus Law Cluster for SMEs. It opened the students’ minds and knowledge about the situation faced by the SMEs in Indonesia.

Mr. Idris mentioned that the members of the community should know the situation of the SMEs in Indonesia in the recession and pandemic. It is important to understand the real situation faced by the Indonesian SMEs so they as the agent of change can contribute to giving the solutions. He hoped that the Preneurtalk will give more insight the all of the members of the community about the SMEs and their public speaking skills as well. He advised them to follow up on their results of Preneurtalk in the real life.

About 59 students join the Preneurtalk. They get more understanding in the SMEs field dealing with the recession and omnibus law. They stated that the SMEs will survive in the pandemic era as long as they can adapt with always improve their creativity and innovation. The Government should help the SMEs in this era since it has a big impact on them. Pandemic is not a barrier to develop the business but more as a great challenge to be faced. On the other hand, the government should provide more training to them in order to make them survive. It is better if they can provide capital for developing SMEs in every province. In addition, more academic discussion between the students and the SMEs practitioners should be done in the future in order to train their critical thinking with phenomena in the business world. In the future, the students especially from the Faculty of Business and Economics should be an entrepreneur who can create the job for others not work for others.

With support from the Erasmus+ and Smart Project in UNDIP, the understanding of members of the students’ entrepreneurship community in the Faculty of Economic in UNDIP improved since the activity is inspired by the Smart Project.  This Preneurtalk program is also the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) UNDIP. They are the 4th SDGs for quality education, the 8th SDGs for Decent Work, and economic growth, and the 9th SDGs for Industry, innovation, and infrastructure. It is the commitment from the UNDIP’s leader to always support the SDGs in every activity. (frs)

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