Recently, Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) UNDIP holds a Work Meeting and Inauguration of DWP Management for Faculties, Rectorate, Postgraduate Schools, Vocational Schools, and Regional National Hospital of UNDIP for 2019-2024 service period on Friday (13/11). The event is held online considering the current pandemic conditions.

Present at the online work meeting and inauguration of DWP are DWP committee persons in UNDIP, namely Chairperson of UNDIP DWP, Mrs. Asih Yos Johan Utama, DWP UNDIP administrators, and inaugurated DWP administrators for each unit and faculty in UNDIP.

In her remarks, Head of DWP UNDIP, Mrs. Asih Yos Johan Utama, expressed her gratitude for the willingness of participants to attend the work meeting and inauguration of the board which is held online. The inauguration program for DWP Management in UNDIP for 2019-2024 period is eventually held today considering the pandemic period. It caused DWP UNDIP activities stop for a while, as prevention of the spread of Covid-19 virus. Moreover, many of DWP UNDIP activities will be carried out online. However, if the activities carried out are activities that require face-to-face meeting, it can be carried out by implementing health protocols.

Mrs. Asih urged the inaugurated DWP Management to immediately plan the initial program for the next one year, or even better to also prepare long term programs for the five years. “For DWP administrators in carrying out their duties as administrators, we must pay attention to our duties as wives, mothers, and employees for those who work. Do not let your duties as DWP administrator interfere your office work or your responsibilities as a wife and a mother”, she advised.

Furthermore, she added that being a DWP administrator is embracing social and independent spirit. Having a social spirit means that we work sincerely without being paid. As for being independent, all DWP activities are carried out independently, not depending on the institution. For this reason, Mrs. Asih advised the newly inaugurated DWP committee to immediately plan the short-term programs to create DWP UNDIP activities that provide benefits and good value.

Closing her remarks, Mrs. Asih Yos expressed her gratitude to the previous DWP management and congratulated the DWP management who had just been inaugurated for the 2019-2024 period.