National Health Day which is celebrated on November 12th is a form of appreciation for health workers in Indonesia. Now that we are still fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, the commemoration of National Health Day 2020 is intended to encourage all levels of health workers who tirelessly provide the best service for general patients and Covid-19 patients. Upholding the theme “Unite Determination Towards a Healthy Indonesia”, the Ministry of Health appealed to all institutions and Provincial Health Offices throughout Indonesia to commemorate the 56th National Health Day with 56 seconds of clapping movement.

Diponegoro University participates in the clapping movement for 56 seconds simultaneously throughout Indonesia which is held at 12:00 PM. Undip Rector and Undip employees carry out the clapping movement in Widya Puraya Undip field and the activity implements health protocols. The event which broadcast live is a form of Undip’s appreciation to all health workers in Indonesia who never give up on providing the best health services. In addition, the meaning behind this gesture is that clapping has benefits for improving heart health, improving blood circulation to various organs, and improving brain function and concentration. This National Health Day also reminds all of us to always maintain cleanliness and health wherever we are.

Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum leads the 56 seconds clapping movement organized by Undip. He expresses gratitude to health workers in Undip and in Indonesia and he hopes that all of us would always be healthy and strong to live a new normal life in the pandemic era. Washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining distance are the main points we can do during our daily activities. By taking care of ourselves, families, and communities, together we can save the nation from Covid-19.