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Innovation in Making Environmentally Friendly Substitution Fuel

Inovasi Pembuatan Bahan Bakar Substitusi yang Ramah Lingkungan

Innovation in Making Environmentally Friendly Substitute Fuels from Liquid Waste of Food Court as a Solution to Fuel Scarcity in Indonesia

It is necessary to know that until now, the problem of energy scarcity, especially oil and gas energy, and environmental problems are serious problems which need solution. The need for oil and gas in Indonesia is increasing day by day along with the increase in population. On the other hand, lifestyle and consumerism of the community towards the food court has increased, and these caused environmental pollution due to increased liquid waste of food court.

At this time, there are many substitute fuels which have been researched and produced. However, the existing substitute fuels come from vegetable raw materials such as palm oil, castor oil, sweet potatoes and other vegetables, those materials still have high economic value. Therefore, the students of Diponegoro University who are members of the Student Creativity Program / Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM) – Eksaskta Research (PKM-PE) team, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Widiasa, ST., MT. (Undergraduate Lecturer of Chemical Engineering Undip), consisting of Peter Kusnadi (S1-Chemical Engineering), Nadiyah Faizi Pol Gorontalo (S1-Chemical Engineering), and David Berkat Hotmatua Simbolon (S1-Chemical Engineering) invent an innovation of substitution fuels from waste. This innovation uses liquid waste, namely food court liquid waste, where food court liquid waste contains fats, oils, and has high fatty acids. The methods of this innovation are used in the manufacture of substituted fuels, namely transesterification and catalytic cracking methods using natural zeolites. In the future, this innovation is expected to produce high quality substitute fuels and to be a solution to overcome energy scarcity and environmental pollution due to food court liquid waste in Indonesia.

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