Several days ago, the Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) UNDIP carried out social service activities for students affected by Covid-19 pandemic. Social service in form of assistance are given to students who live in UNDIP’s flat and have not been able to return to their hometown or home country due to pandemic situation. Students living in Undip’s flat are not only local students, but also foreign students. The provision of basic food assistance to students in the flat was carried out on last Wednesday (11/11).
In the social service event, present representatives of DWP UNDIP, namely Mrs. Endang Darmanto and Mrs. Harini Agus Subagio, who provide 146 basic food packages. This social service activity is a caring movement for people affected by Covid-19 pandemic, as well as commemoration event of the 21st DWP Anniversary in 2020.
Representing Prof. Dr.Ir. Y.S. Darmanto, M.Sc. as the manager of UNDIP’s flat, namely Edy Surahmad, S.Pd., M.Si. expressed his gratitude for the assistance given to UNDIP students who live in the flat. Hopefully the basic food assistance provided is sufficient to help the food needs of students living in the flat.
The assistance provided by DWP UNDIP is a form of concern and affection, especially for students affected by the pandemic.