Undip Center for ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) received a visit from the East Java Province Water Resources Public Works (Pekerjaan Umum Sumber Daya Air) on Wednesday, November 4th 2020. This visit is a part of study of learning activities on the Dutch-Indonesian collaboration to Central Java Province. With the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands under the MoU Water, the East Java Provincial Government wants to learn and to get information about the successful implementation of bilateral cooperation in the field of water, that has been implemented quite a lot in Central Java Province.

The event is opened by remarks from the Vice Rector IV of Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto, M.Sc. He said that the existence of Undip Center for ICZM is in accordance with the Undip Principal Scientific Pattern (Pola Ilmiah Pokok), namely Tropical and Coastal Region Eco-development or Ecological Development of Coastal and Tropical Areas. Therefore, this study center has great potential in supporting Undip’s vision.

Taking place in BAA Undip Meeting Room, this event is also attended by Dr. Rien Dam as Delegated Representative Water for the Netherlands-Indonesia, Ir. SR. Eko Yunianto, Sp.1 as Head of the Central Java Province PUSDATARU Office, Muhammad Adek Rizaldi, ST, M.Tech as the Head of BBWS Pemali Juana, as well as representatives of various Central Java Provincial offices including Marine and Fisheries Service, Public Housing and Settlement Areas, and Regional Secretariat of Central Java.

After delivery of speech, the event is followed by a brief presentation by Dr. Rien Dam regarding ongoing and future bilateral cooperation under the MoU Water with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat). Head of PUSDATARU Office of Central Java Province and Head of BBWS Pemali Juana also give explanations about the programs and activities of each institution. The event then continues with a discussion session to share information and experiences from the participants from institutions in Provincial Governments of Central Java and East Java. The last event of visit on that day is East Java Provincial PUSDA Office group visits Undip Center for ICZM office room which is in the Diponegoro University Integrated Laboratory.

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