Saturday (21/11) – Diponegoro University, in this case is initiated by research and community service team, provides assistance in form of hand sanitizers and disinfectants in total 175 liters to Askhabul Kahfi Islamic Boarding School in Mijen, Semarang. The socialization event is attended by 50 representatives of students from grade 12 Madrasah and SMK Askhabul Kahfi at the Auditorium of Askhabul Kahfi Islamic Boarding School.

The purpose of these activities is to prevent Covid-19 spread chain in Askhabul Kahfi boarding school environment, since boarding school has started to be active in teaching and learning activities. It is also one form of community service carries out by Undip.

The spirit of mutual cooperation as national identity is now getting stronger even in the middle of pandemic. Various parties work hand in hand to break the spread chain of Covid-19.

Head of research, Dr. Ali Khumaeni, in his presentation said that the disinfectant and hand sanitizer formula was made from non-alcoholic nano-silver colloids. According to Ali, the nano size of colloidal silver can kill bacteria in 30 seconds. Besides, Ali also teach a way to make hand sanitizer from nano-silver together with his team members, Evi Setiawati, M.Si and Zaenal Arifin, M.Sc. to the Askhabul Kahfi students.

In his speech, Askhabul Kahfi leader, KH. Nadlirin, M.Pd, expresses gratitude to Undip team for providing this assistance. Hopefully the charity and kindness of Undip community service team will be beneficial and be rewarded by Allah SWT.