Diponegoro University is carrying out its mission to be a World Class University (WCU) and Higher Education Rankings by improving the quality of teaching and learning facilities as well as infrastructure. One of the indicators for the achievement of this mission is the number of study programs offering international programs and the number of admitted international students. Several study programs at Undip have opened an International Undergraduate Program (IUP), and in 2020 Faculty of Engineering will follow other faculties to open the IUP program. Study programs that will open the IUP program at Faculty of Engineering Undip include Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Urban Planning.

Related with the IUP Program, English proficiency is a basic indicator needed for teaching and learning activities. Apart from lecturers and students, educational staff also need to be fluent in English to support Undip’s mission as WCU. To support this mission, Faculty of Engineering Undip implements an English Day program every Monday. The program, which has been started since November 30th 2020, aims to train all Faculty of Engineering Undip members to become accustomed communicating in English. The Office of International Affairs at Faculty of Engineering will also hold English classes for lecturers and educational staffs which will be held offline and online.

This movement is a brilliant step to improve the quality of Undip to become a WCU. “This is a great movement because it can improve our English skills”, said one of students on the inaugural event of English Day which was held last Monday (30/11/2020). It is planned that this program will start from non-official communication between lecturers, educational staffs, and students. Undip Rector supports this program so that all Undip citizens can be fluent in English and can compete globally in the international level.

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