Kuliah Umum Humas PSDKU
BATANG – Public Relations or often called PR is a profession that exists in every agency as the center of public communicators. Public relations is also an inseparable part of an agency’s interaction. Currently, the pandemic is changing the situation to be able to create various innovation, including PR works. The New Normal condition also requires PR to always be adaptive and responsive so that PR can do excellent works in disseminating information. This is in line with Public Lecture held by Diponegoro University Study Program Outside the Main Campus in Batang, Public Relations Study Program, which carries the topic of Adaptive and Responsive Public Relations in New Normal Era on Friday, December 4th 2020 via Google Meet. This activity presented keynote speakers, namely Utami Setyowati, SS, M.I.Kom as Head of Sub-Section of Public Relations of UNDIP. Utami provided material related to how Public Relations should always be adaptive and responsive in this New Normal era. Tested and useful innovation is needed in order to improve the quality of Public Relations itself, and UNDIP has conducted many activities such as online graduations using UNDIP-made robots, social media pages that are always active, news pages and information services, and so on. “At UNDIP itself, we work together with experts in IT department and other departments so that we can create something unique and certainly useful, such as robots and website management,” she said. She also added that Public Relations must be able to collaborate with various parties in order to create strong relationships in achieving targets of launched programs. “We as PR persons also must not be careless. We have to be communicative to all stakeholders since we cannot work alone,” she said. She also hopes that the PR students can always be responsive to changes in the world.