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Undip Continues to Improve Infrastructure for Disabilities

As a research university and the best in Central Java and in Indonesia, Diponegoro University continues to improve its performance and to provide excellent service to the community. Everyone has the same right to get services, including persons with disabilities.

For this reason, Diponegoro University continues to improve facilities and infrastructure for services, including for people with disabilities by building facilities in form of special roads for people with disabilities. The other facility is special toilets for people with disabilities.

Undip’s efforts to complete facilities for people with disabilities aim to improve services and reduce gaps. Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto, M.Sc. in his interview on Thursday (17/12), explained that excellent public service supports Undip’s image as one of the best universities in Indonesia. Furthermore, Prof. Ambar added, “improving facilities and infrastructure, especially for people with disabilities, also supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) program, as the 9th goal namely building strong infrastructure, supporting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering development of innovation”.

Development and availability of facilities such as roads and special toilets for people with disabilities are built not only at the head office/Rectorate building, but in all units, Faculties, Postgraduate Schools, Vocational Schools and Undip PSDKU campus.

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