SEMARANG – The Academic Senate of Diponegoro University holds another Plenary Meeting on Monday (14/12). Today’s agenda is the Senate Plenary Meeting of the Academic Professors Council and the Academic Senate Plenary Meeting will be held at 9:00 AM until finished. Taking place in the Academic Senate Meeting Room, this plenary meeting which is conducted offline and online attended by Chairperson of Academic Senate, Secretary of Academic Senate, and the Board of Professors. Two Undip lecturers who present their research results in the context of proposing an academic position for professor are from Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business.
The first presentation is delivered by Undip Faculty of Economics and Business lecturer, Dr. Drs. Mochammad Chabachib, M.Si, Akt. with the theme “Company Financial Policy and Stock Beta: Its Effect on Stock Returns and Company Value”. According to him, companies now hold broad interests, so there is a need for planning in financial sector in the form of a budgeting policy. One of the long-term financial instruments is capital market that can be bought and sold, and can be a useful investment alternative for companies. Financial policies in the form of financial ratios have different impacts on company value and stock returns of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, so companies must consider them well. Apart from financial ratios, another indicator used to calculate stock returns is stock beta. Therefore, in investing stocks, it is necessary to pay attention to financial ratios, especially liquidity ratios, solvency, and profitability.
The second presentation with the theme “The Role of Thermodynamics in the Processing of Food-Based Materials” is presented by Dr. Ir. Ratnawati, M.T. who comes from Faculty of Engineering. Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources, including seaweed, sugar cane and coffee. With the total production of seaweed 10 million tonnes/year, sugarcane 4.7 million tonnes/year, and coffee 173 thousand tonnes/year. The harvest of these resources can generate higher income if processed into extracts or products. From her research, this Chemical Engineering lecturer explains that seaweed product produced by the depolymerization process is called carrageenan, a natural polysaccharide that is widely used as a thickener, gelling agent, and stabilizer. For the utilization of sugarcane, it can be processed into high grade alcohol which is processed through a continuous distillation process. As for coffee processing, extraction is carried out to separate caffeine from coffee beans. By processing natural resources into finished products, export results will be more beneficial for Indonesia’s per capita income.
Apart from the two prospective professors, there are several other candidates to become Undip professors. Undip really supports the lecturers and academicians who continue to work and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Indonesia.