Konsorsium Merdeka Belajar is a student exchange program in the “Program Merdeka Belajar” / Free Learning Program at three universities, namely: UNDIP, UNPAD, and UNHAS. With this program, students can take similar courses in their study programs inside or outside the University.

Registration :
1. Register via the page: kmb.undip.ac.id
2. Choose a destination university
3. Students can choose 2 universities by re-registering.
4. Choose a study program
5. Choose courses: Minimum 4 credits and a maximum of 8 credits
6. Complete the required documents

UNDIP active students in semesters 4, 6, and 8.

Registration is closed on March 9th 2021

Complete information can be accessed via the link: kmb.undip.ac.id