At the end of 2020, Diponegoro University received a proud award as the first winner in a national competition. This achievement is achieved by Undip students team at Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Expo (KMI) XI 2020 organized by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. With the theme “Connecting Opportunities”, this competition aims to connect participants from all over Indonesia to develop business opportunities through entrepreneurship.

Representatives from Undip are a start-up team named, which is founded by alumni and students of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Undip. is a start-up that provides a variety of fresh fishery products and its shipping services. This innovation is a way created to meet the needs of society which are increasingly complex and in need of practical solutions. From here, an opportunity emerged to create a business to become a supplier of seafood products that can now serve delivery services in various cities including Semarang, Kudus, Yogyakarta, and Kendal. By using an application on Google Play or calling the number provided, buyers can easily get hygienic and fresh fishery products.

Products available at are fresh fish, seafood, fish fillets, and processed fish. The consistency of team in developing a business is an additional point that makes it a start-up which is capable to compete in this global era. The achievement as the first winner is an appreciation for the start-up formed by the alumni of FPIK Undip. In the future, Undip will always support the development of Student Activity Units (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) and start-ups established by Undip alumni and students and to boost the economy growth in Indonesia.