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International Cooperation between UNDIP, IHE Delft and Central Java Provincial Government in Realization of Integrated Coastal Area Management

SEMARANG – Diponegoro University (UNDIP) is collaborating with IHE Delft and Central Java Provincial Government to realize integrated coastal management in 13 districts and cities in the northern coastal region of Central Java. Activities that are relevant for Rembang to Brebes area now focus on Pekalongan city, as a pilot project in accordance with Governor Ganjar Pranowo directions.

Integrated development in coastal areas is expected to minimize social and environmental impacts along with efforts to improve community welfare, particularly through the development of home industries and small industries. Another important target is to reduce the impact and risk of flooding which is a major challenge for those living along the coastal area from Brebes to Rembang.

Pekalongan city is chosen as the pilot program considering that this area is experiencing the most serious impacts due to tidal flooding and land subsidence on the north coast of Central Java. Through a multi-sector international collaboration entitled ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) Grant Award Orange Knowledge Program – Institutional Collaboration Projects funded by Nuffic the Netherlands, in addition to supports of IHE Delft and the Central Java Provincial Government. Other international institutions involved are Deltares, Radboud University, both from Holland.

Long-term target activities include 13 districts and cities on the north coast of Central Java, starting from city of Rembang, Pati, Jepara, Demak, Semarang, Kendal, Batang, Pekalongan, Pemalang, Tegal, to Brebes.

Undip ICZM Project Director, Dr. Ing Wisnu Pradoto, S.T., M.T., said the program started in March 2019 and will last for 3 years until March 2022. Dr. Muhammad Helmi, S.Si., M.Sc. From Oceanography Department is selected as Vice Project Director. “To ensure the sustainability of the program, apart from conducting research, training and assistance in planning and developing coastal areas, another important output is by establishing Center for ICZM at Undip,” said Wisnu Pradoto, who is also a lecturer at Department of Regional and City Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Undip, on Friday (26/2/2021).

Wisnu revealed that the Center for ICZM or also known as the Integrated Coastal Zone Development Center has been established since March 2020. The institution is currently led by a lecturer in Oceanography Department, Dr. Aris Ismanto, S.Si., M.Sc. who is also one of the 7 members of ICZM Grant Award OKP ICP Team. The Center’s Secretary, Priyo Nugroho Parmantoro, S.T., M.Eng, is a teaching staff at Civil Engineering Department.

Other members of this team are Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto, M.Sc. who acts as a supervisor; Dr. Ir. Bambang Purwanggono, M.Eng. as PIC of activities; Prof. Dr. Ir. Syafrudin, CES, MT; Prof. Dr. Denny Nugroho Sugianto, S.T., M.Si. Through Center for ICZM, Undip’s role and contribution in developing coastal areas regionally and nationally are expected to be more real. This is in line with Undip’s Principal Scientific Pattern, namely Tropical and Coastal Region Eco-development or Ecological Development of Coastal and Tropical Areas.

In addition to a training program for coastal development stakeholders, another contribution of this program which will be carried out in 2021 is providing technical assistance in the preparation of Brebes Regency ICZM Study. In the future, it is necessary to compile a master plan of each district and city on the north coast of Central Java so that the management of north coast area of Central Java can be integrated. “This activity requires multidisciplinary and multi-sector supports, analysis of physical and non-physical aspects needs to be carried out comprehensively in accordance with ecological principles and socio-economical, cultural, political, legal and institutional considerations,” said Wisnu Pradoto.

It is hoped that in the future ICZM can be in line with its vision to become a Center of Excellence in the field of coastal studies. At the national level, in addition to the ranks of regional governments in Central Java, currently there has been a partnership between ICZM Undip and Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Water Resources Public Works Service (Pekerjaan Umum dan Sumber Daya Alam) of East Java Province, and several River Basin Areas. In the international level, collaborations have been made with the Delegated Representative Water for Indonesia-the Netherlands, Witteven+Boss and AKVO in several activities such as Water as Leverage, Building with Nature, and others.

Until the end of the program in March 2022, the target activities that have been set aim to train at least 100 participants who come from the ranks of district and city governments on the north coast of Central Java. Wisnu acknowledged that the plan to implement training in 2020 is delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. “We make sure it will be implemented in this year. We will adjust the form of activities according to the conditions and situations,” he said.

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