Diponegoro University students win another achievement in the national science olympiad held by IYSA (Indonesian Young Scientific Association), namely NASPO (National Applied Science Project Olympiad) and I2ASPO (Indonesia International Applied Science Project Olympiad). With the theme “Think Creative, Big Impact”, this Olympiad invites high school and university students in Indonesia to find innovations as solutions to problems that can be applied directly, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are 6 theme of categories contested at NASPO and 10 themes at I2ASPO, and all of these themes are related to the problems currently being faced by Indonesian people, thus it is hoped that the creative ideas from this Olympiad can be useful in society. Assessment of participant performance results is based on four categories, namely Urgency (30%), Visibility (20%), Relevance (30%), and Presentation (20%).
Undip sent several teams consisting of students and supervisors. At the Awarding Event which was held on December 23rd 2020, Undip teams won a myriad of achievements. At NASPO, Undip won a bronze medal with the innovation theme “MATERIAL-KU: Digital Business Development Based on Start-Up of Goods and Services in the Construction Sector for More Practical and Efficient Development”. Then at I2ASPO, the team from Undip won championships in almost all categories, namely Gold, Silver and Bronze. The themes that won the championship included “Tira Spray: Innovation Anti-Termite Spray and Wood Gloss from Perepat Mangrove Fruits (Sonneratia alba Smith)” for Gold Medal, “I-FOR: Flow Battery Innovation with High Capacity and Eco-Friendly Materials as a Future Renewable Energy Storage Solution” and “MBD (Microalgae Bio-Diesel): Tetraselmis sp. Biodiesel Innovation Using Simultaneous Method as Future Renewable Energy Supply” for Silver Medal, and “The Innovation of PPE Mask Brick as a Solution to Dispose Medical Mask Waste” for Bronze Medal.
This proud victory is inseparable from the creativity and synergy between Undip students and lecturers. “We will continue to support the students in cultivating their creativity. Create innovations and become the determining subject as an agent of change towards a better Indonesia,” said Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum. as Undip Rector.