Dr. Paramita PrananingtyasThe role and management of Indonesian tertiary education in facing competitiveness in the era of globalization is highly expected by various parties. Accreditation is very important to be the focus of universities as an indicator of quality. Globalization requires all countries to be able to provide higher education quality that is equal and recognized by other countries. The goal includes the efforts of educators to transform students so that universities could produce graduates with proficient abilities according to criteria recognized by other countries.

Educational Quality Assurance and Development Institute (Lembaga Pengembangan dan Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan / LP2MP) of Diponegoro University plays a role in the implementation program of education system development and accreditation, where the functions of LP2MP Undip include monitoring and developing the implementation of learning quality audits and academic accreditation, and conducting international activities through training and developing academic quality standards.

“Accreditation is about institutions because accreditation is a series of formal recognition activities by an authorized institution. It has the authority to state whether or not that an agency, institution or laboratory has the competence and to conduct conformity assessments according to certain requirements or standards. So there is an agency that will conduct an assessment of other institutions,” explained Dr. Paramita Prananingtyas, S.H., LLM., who is served as secretary of LP2MP Undip as well as Undip Faculty of Law lecturer, in an interview on Thursday (18/3).

The important paradigm of the international accreditation process is a big target of every university, moreover international accreditation of study programs is one of strategic steps since it directly shows the quality of educational outcomes. “By having an international accreditation stamp, the quality of graduates will be recognized internationally and the graduates could be easier to work in the global market,” she explained.

She said that the target or Main Performance Indicator of Undip as legal entity state university should be accomplished, one of them is the number of accredited study programs should increase from year to year . “LP2MP will always encourage, assist and help all study programs at Undip to be motivated in reaching international accreditation. Achieving international accreditation will improve Main Performance Indicator of Undip and will bring Undip’s glory both nationally and internationally. Alumni of Undip will also feel the maximum benefits,” she stated.

The principles of international recognition aim to expand access, to develop higher education, and to support the development of international partnerships and cooperation. Mita conveyed that Undip had made approaches and contracts with two credible international accreditation institutions which are recognized by Ministry of Education and Culture. “Undip collaborates with FIBAA or Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation, which is an accreditation institution from Germany and is included as international accreditation agency registered with Ministry of Education and Culture. Undip also collaborates with ASIIN or Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, Informatics/Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Mathematics which is an international accreditation institution from Germany. These two institutions are both recognized internationally,” she said.

LP2MP Undip will do its best to achieve the target of becoming a university with global competitiveness and international quality. As steps taken towards a World Class University, one of real steps is the effort in increasing the number of internationally accredited study programs. “We must keep up the spirit and prioritize Undip’s glory,” she said. (Linda-Public Relations)