SEMARANG – Vocational School of Diponegoro University (UNDIP) currently focuses on developing 11 applied undergraduate study programs. The development of applied undergraduate education program is a policy that is in line with Undip’s status as a Legal Entity State University which is required to improve the performance of research, international publications and patent making.

Dean of Undip Vocational School, Prof. Dr. Ir. Budiyono, M.Si., said that with a focus on the Diploma IV level, activities such as producing patents, journal publications, research and innovation development can be carried out optimally. The policy of developing applied undergraduate study programs is also in accordance with the national policy of Directorate General of Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

“As of 2019, we no longer hold admission of Diploma III level students. For the main campus, we only accept students for applied undergraduate programs or Diploma IV level,” said Prof. Budiyono, on Wednesday (24/3/2021). With a focus on one level of education, besides supporting Undip as a Legal Entity State University, the policy also encourages the improvement of quality of Undip Vocational Schools.

Currently there are 4 Departments with 11 Applied Undergraduate Study Programs at Undip Vocational School. In Science and Technology group, there is Department of Industrial Technology which manages Diploma IV level of Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Design Engineering, Automation Engineering Technology, Marine Construction Engineering Technology, and Industrial Electrical Engineering Study Program. Then there is Civil and Planning Department which manages Spatial Planning and Land Engineering, Civil Infrastructure Engineering, and Engineering Architecture Design Study Program.

For Social Humanities group, in Department of Business and Finance there is Tax Accounting, Management, and Logistics Administration Study Program. Meanwhile, Department of Information and Culture has two study programs, namely Applied Foreign Languages and Information&Public Relations Study Program.

There are two path to study in Undip Vocational School, namely Admission for Potential Student Selection (Penerimaan Seleksi Siswa Berpotensi / PSSB) and the Independent Exam (Ujian Mandiri. Admission for Potential Student Selection is the admission of applied undergraduate students through the achievement of report cards. In 2020, attach a copy of report card grades for semesters 1 to 6, while for those who will graduate in 2021 it is enough to submit a photocopy of report cards from semesters 1 to 5. Students who can take Admission for Potential Student Selection must come from a school with minimum accreditation B. Admission for Potential Student Selection path is open online starting from February 2nd – April 20th 2021.

The admission path of Independent Exam is open to all high school, vocational, Islamic Senior High School and equivalent students, including graduates of equation program or Package C. This path allows graduates of 2019 to take part in the selection. The Independent Exam is open online from May 1st – July 8th 2021.

Announcement of the selection results for Admission for Potential Student Selection will be carried out on May 5th 2021, while for  Independent Exam path will be held on July 16th 2021. The process and procedures for registering in Undip Vocational School can be accessed at including information of registration fee and payment method.

In Academic Year of 2021/2022, Undip Vocational School will accept 1,540 students, with details of Department of Industrial Technology  accepts 440 students, Civil and Planning Department accepts 300 students, Department of Business and Finance accepts 480 students, and Department of Information and Culture accepts 320 students. “The number of students who are accepted has been regulated based on the Rector’s decree,” said Prof. Budiyono when asked about the proportion of admissions for the field of study.

Translated by: Titis (Humas)