BP-ULP (Procurement Service Unit Management Agency) Diponegoro University held Basic Level Goods/Services Procurement Training on March 24th-26th, 2021. Participants in this online learning are from Dr. Moewardi Regional Public Hospital Surakarta.

Procurement of goods/services, of course, begins with careful planning. Preparation of procurement planning from early is important, so that when the procurement enters the next stage it will run well and smoothly. Furthermore, information on procurement plans can be known by the wider community, particularly by providers, with the aim of being transparent and accountable.

The speaker on the second day, on Thursday (25/3), Dr. Hery Suliantoro, S.T., M.T., who served as Director of Assets and Development at Undip as well as Undip educators and procurement researchers in the Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering Departments, delivered material on procurement planning, preparation of Procurement of Goods/Services and its implementation through self-management.

Talking about procurement planning, of course includes identification of needs, determination of goods/services, methods, schedules, and budget for procurement of goods/services. Hery said that in identifying needs, the things that need to be considered are the principles of efficiency and effectiveness in procurement of goods/services, aspects of sustainable procurement, assessment of priority needs, goods/services in electronic catalogs, consolidation of procurement of goods/services, and goods/services that are already available/owned/controlled. “Self-managed procurement planning needs to pay attention to the determination of the type of self-management, preparation of technical specifications, preparation of cost estimates or cost budget plans. For self-management preparation activities, the steps are targeting goals by Budget User or Budget User Authority, determining self-management organizers and activity plans, implementation schedule, budget plan, determined by Commitment Maker Officer by taking into account certain experts, equipment or materials which are carried out under a separate contract,” he explained. (Linda-Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Humas)

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