SEMARANG – Professor of Faculty of Economics and Business Diponegoro University (UNDIP) Semarang, Prof. Dr. Miyasto, SU passed away on Wednesday (24/3/2021) at 14:22 in Diponegoro National Hospital. This polite and humble figure died at the age of 70.

The body of the late Prof. Miyasto was buried in Diponegoro University’s Big Family Cemetery, UNDIP Tembalang Campus Complex, Semarang City, on Wednesday (24/3/2021) at 09:00 PM, by implementing health protocols. Undip Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., also accompanied the deceased to his final resting.

When giving a speech, as Rector and representation all colleagues, he expressed his condolences to the family. “Time flies fast, three weeks ago I met him in Rector’s office. He said goodbye, I thought what kind of goodbye it was, maybe it was a sign that he would leave us all,” said Prof. Yos Johan. In Prof. Yos’ opinion, Prof. Miyasto, who was born in Salatiga, December 25th 1950, was a good person, polite in speaking, also courteous in behavior, speech and thought. “He is also the imam of the mosque in his neighborhood, who leads the prayers there. God willing, his deeds, and the knowledge given will lead him to heaven,” he said.

Prof. Yos said, in every death there is advice for us. “We never know when our age will stop. The deceased is an exemplary role model because he always did his best in worship, be it social worship and others, he gave an example without defects from the beginning as a lecturer and upheld the good name of UNDIP.”

For that, he apologizes if there are things that are not pleasing. “I apologize to my family, and also to  all parties, Diponegoro National Hospital directors, nurses, and management staffs who have cared for the deceased, we are grateful. Worship Allah SWT and do not hesitate, may your good deeds will be well received by Allah, your soul is given a good place and the sins are forgiven,” said Prof. Yos.

In the midst of drizzle, the body arrived at the funeral at 08:51 PM and escorted by special officers in complete personal protective equipment by using an ambulance. Getting off the ambulance at 08:54 PM, the coffin was put into the grave accompanied by prayers and call to prayer. The funeral went smoothly and quickly by implementing health protocols, it took no more than 10 minutes to complete and continue with prayer. The process of preparing the body itself was carried out in the afternoon.

The deceased left his wife, Dra. Endang Tri Widyarti, M.M. and two children, namely Asti Karlina Dewi and Adhi Widyakto. During his life, the deceased served as Assistant Dean I of Faculty of Economics and Business UNDIP in 1993, Vice Rector I UNDIP in 1998, Head of Regional Development Planning Agency Central Java Province in 2000, Expert from National Resilience Institute of the Republic of Indonesia in 2008 and also recently, was as Chair of Alumni Foundation Trustees UNDIP at University of Semarang (USM).

As a teacher, he was remembered by his students as a very helpful lecturer. Many students of Faculty of Economics and Business UNDIP from the 80s and 90s have experience of being helped to pay tuition fees and are directed to help him as research assistants so that their fees can be used to pay tuition fees.

The deceased was also known to be very discipline, when serving the government as the Head of Economic Course of National Resilience Institute, every Monday he had to go to Jakarta and return to Semarang a few days later to teach. However he always try to come to campus directly from the airport to take a draft of thesis or dissertation in order to correct them, so that on Saturday students can receive input through one-by-one discussion.

His attention and support for students was extraordinary. One day his students had to take an exam without the presence of the late as the main promoter and when finished the exam the students immediately met Prof. Miyasto who was being treated in the hospital. Mrs. Endang, the wife of Prof. Miyasto, told how Prof. Miyasto insisted on coming to court as a promoter, but the doctor forbade him since he had to be hospitalized.

On January 2nd 2021, the deceased has retired. To pay tribute to Prof. Miyasto at that time, the Head of Regional VI (Central Java) Higher Education Service Institute, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zainuri DEA gave a poem entitled The Tribute of the Master of Guidance. The poem presented by Prof. Zaenuri is a narrative referring to the status and name of “TEACHER PROF MIYASTO” into a series of poems to mark Prof. Miyasto’s retirement as a professor at Undip.

Translated by: Titis (Humas)

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