BP-ULP (Procurement Service Unit Management Agency) Diponegoro University held a Basic Level of Training for Procurement of Goods/Services on 29th – 31st  March 2021. The participants of this online learning are from Jepara Regency Government, Monday (29/3).

In the procurement of goods/services, the principles of efficient, effective, transparent, open, competitive, fair and accountable are applied. All parties involved in the procurement of goods/services must comply with ethics include carrying out duties in an orderly manner, having sense of responsibility to achieve efficiency and accuracy of goals of the procurement of goods/services, working professionally and independently, and maintaining confidentiality of information to prevent deviations in procurement of goods/services and avoiding influence each other, either directly or indirectly, to prevent unfair business competition.

Soedarisman Kadar Ontowikaryo, who is an Undip external resource, former staff of Regional Secretariat Development Department of Central Java Province as well as an external facilitator of Government Goods/Services Procurement Policy Agency, presented materials on general provisions, objectives, policies, principles and ethics for procurement of goods/services, electronical procurement of goods/services and its user, human resources, institutions, supervision, complaints, Sanctions and Services.

He explained that construction work is a whole or part of activities that include the construction, operation, maintenance, demolition and reconstruction of a building, while goods are any objects, whether tangible or intangible, movable or immovable, which can be traded, used, used or used by goods users.

“Broadly speaking, procurement of goods/services can be carried out in an integrated manner by packaging several types of procurement in one work package which according to its nature is an inseparable unit,” he explained. “Integrated work covers all types of procurement, for example design work, information technology solution work, engineering procurement construction work, or construction work, operations,” he continued. (Linda-Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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