SEMARANG – Master of Agribusiness of Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences Diponegoro University (UNDIP) is a superior study program that chooses an agrocomplex that combines the potential of agriculture, animal husbandry, plantations and biological commodities as its scope of work. That way, students are free to choose the theme of study for their thesis as far as the issues related to commodities from the earth.

Head of Undip Agribusiness Masters Study Program, Dr. Ir. Mukson, M.S., said that the agro-complex base is chosen because the agribusiness sector is very broad and diverse. In addition to many types of commodities included in it, each stage in the processing process also varies greatly. In the current context of study for a bachelor degree or master degree, an agro-complex approach is a necessity.

According to Mukson, the program organizers are also committed to realize the full competence and achievements of their students. To support various research activities, lecturers always involve students, while student research activities will be accompanied by lecturers with relevant competencies. “Our commitment is to produce graduates who excel in the development of Science and Technology and be able to compete in agribusiness sector, which is related to food crop agriculture, horticulture, plantations, animal husbandry, fisheries and forestry,” said Mukson, on Monday (5/4/2021).

In enhancing student competencies, Undip Agribusiness Masters Study Program continues to improve the productive teaching and learning process with the support of Information and Technology services. In addition, cooperation is also carried out with campuses abroad.

Collaboration with foreign universities in addition to supporting Undip’s vision to be a World Class University, the programs also lead to International Institutions, one of them is DISS (Diponegoro International Student Scholarship) scholarship program. “We are also active in World Professor Program which invites well-known experts as research and teaching partners, and conducts Summer Course Program which is held annually for foreign students,” he said.

Undip Agribusiness Masters Study Program based on Decree of National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (1780/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/V/2019) has Accreditation A. In the international level, currently Undip Agribusiness Masters Study Program has collaborated with reputable institutions and universities such as Aarhus University, IDEA New Zealand, Kasetsart University Bangkok, Chulalongkorn University, and Thunghai University Taiwan. The cooperation includes student exchanges, public lectures, joint research and publication of scientific journals.

Domestic work is also intensely carried out. Some of the research results can be used by the community in the form of Intellectual Property Rights registration, which is also a form of recognition of the research results conducted by lecturers of Undip Agribusiness Masters Study Program. Several teachers and researchers have also received recognition in the form of textbook copyrights that already have ISBNs.

Undip’s Masters in Agribusiness graduates are entitled to a Masters in Agriculture (M.P.). To obtain it, students must complete 1 curriculum package of at least 42 credits (semester credit units) which can be taken in 4 semesters. During the lecture, students are required to attend all lecture activities with an absence tolerance of 25% of the total face-to-face or 75% of the total face-to-face attendance activities.

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)