SEMARANG- Initially, hearing the statement “Everyone Has a Role in Raising the Name of Faculty of Humanities UNDIP” somehow sound overwhelming. It can be excessive or even be interpreted as strange. However since it is stated by Dr. Nurhayati, who is currently the Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University (UNDIP), the story is different.

There is modesty, a sense of togetherness, and a sense of kinship in her sayings. It could be that the words are a form of maturity in attitude. Mrs. Nur, as she is usually called, is realizing that the social sciences and humanities are indeed very dynamic, and there are many things that can influence it. In that context, the expression “everyone has a role” has a deep meaning.

Social sciences and humanities are sciences that are close to humans, existed before science and technology came into existence. The increase of dynamics and susceptibility to changes in scientific naming or nomenclature, are evidences that social science field is growing rapidly. “It is not appropriate to assume that social sciences and humanities are slow. The development is as fast as the development of society,” said the Dean of Faculty of Humanities Undip, Dr. Nurhayati, M.Hum.

This woman who was born in Blora, October 4th 1966 completed her undergraduate education at English Literature Department, Faculty of Humanities Undip, which was still under the name Faculty of Literature in 1989. It is not surprising that the person who likes reading chose to study at the Department of Literature, because besides traveling, reading books has become part of her daily life.

After graduated, she became a lecturer at her alma mater. Teaching, reading, researching and learning are inseparable from it. As soon as she got the opportunity for further studies at Masters of Linguistics at University of Indonesia, she did well and graduated in 1999. Nine years later, she completed her bachelor degree at the same campus, so that since 2008 she has a doctorate title in front of her name.

Despite her friendly attitude and calm appearance, the wife of Anang Widodo shows a firm and determined attitude when dealing with her responsibilities at Faculty of Humanities Undip. Her commitment and determination in developing and raising Faculty of Humanities Undip is no longer negotiable. To make it happen, in addition to being firm and steadfast, she also pay detailed attention in building branding for the faculties she leads.

Faculty of Humanities UNDIP currently manages four levels of education, starting from diploma, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. In Undergraduate Program, there are Indonesian Literature, English Literature, Japanese Language and Culture, History, and Social Anthropology Study Programs. For Master Program, there are Masters in Literature, Masters in Linguistics and Masters in History. At the doctoral level there is a Doctor of History Program. Faculty of Humanities Undip also manages diploma programs which include D3 Archives, D3 English Literature, D3 Japanese Literature and D3 Library and Information.

“Our priority is that all study programs achieve optimum qualifications. We continue to examine so that the curriculum and content are relevant to the needs and demands of the times, but still refer to existing regulations. We are working hard to reach the maximum level. It should be noted, Faculty of Humanities Undip is also applying for international accreditation for several study programs,” said this mother of two with an enthusiastic tone.

She explained about the latest management of two study programs in 2021, namely Indonesian Literature Undergraduate Program and History Undergraduate Program which are being processed to obtain International Accreditation from FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). It takes extra efforts, but it is done to answer the global challenges facing the world of education. This effort is also a form of commitment to make Undip as a world class university.

In her leadership, Nurhayati also strives to improve the qualifications of scientific journals in Faculty of Humanities Undip. The result is the recognition for Izumi Journal, which is currently the only Japanese language, literature and culture journal in Indonesia that has been accredited by Science and Technology Index (SINTA) 3. Meanwhile, PAROLE Journal and CITRA LEKHA Journal are included in SINTA 2. Those journals are used as reference for lecturers and researchers in Indonesia and abroad to publish their manuscripts.

The mother of Akhta Yudistira and Tresnadi Batavia emphasized that her commitment to raise Faculty of Humanities Undip is a form of gratitude for her life journey and dedication. She said, when making a final project starting from thesis to dissertation, she always received great promoters and main supervisors. The thesis supervisor is Prof. Dr. Istiati Soetomo, M.A; while her thesis was promoted by Prof. Dr. Anton M. Moeliono, a figure who once led the Language Center; while her dissertation was promoted by Prof. Dr. Benny H, Hoed, an eminent linguist, father of musician Anto Hoed.

She is also grateful for her structural career. Before being appointed as Dean of Faculty of Humanities Undip on January 15th 2019, she has served as assessor of lecturer performance assessments, peer review teams of scientific works for promotion to functional positions, and members of Senate of Faculty of Humanities. She even held the position of Secretary of Undip Linguistics Masters Program twice. In international forums, she has also lectured several times at Asia University of Taiwan.

All of those are not achieved by an instant process, but through a long dedication and dedication. A mandate is interpreted as responsibility, so that in leading Faculty of Humanities she upholds the principle of kinship by respecting seniors and encouraging juniors. “All of us are invited to make a better change, achieve great accomplishment, and make a good name of Faculty of Humanities. Let’s make the academic community work with enthusiasm, and realize that we all must not be complacent with the conditions so far,” said Nurhayati, who is also an expert in linguistics.

Nurhayati has the principle of never giving up in making Faculty of Humanities to become a leading research faculty in Southeast Asia by 2025 in the fields of culture includes literature, language, history, anthropology, libraries, philosophy, and archives. Thus she often shares the successful achievements of other faculties, even Faculty of Humanities encourages its colleagues. “I always say that if other people can, why can’t we?” said Nurhayati.

She admits that all the success she has achieved cannot be separated from the support of her family. There is sacrifice and understanding from the family when one achieves something. “Managing time and attention for work, family, community and for self-development must be done. It’s not as easy as saying it, but we have to do it,” said the lecturer of Critical Discourse Analysis at Linguistics Master Program.

When asked about her plan to achieve the highest academic title as a professor, she firmly said: “My duty now is to lead and develop Faculty of Humanities Undip. Regarding the professor title, if it is time, it will definitely arrive.” (PR team)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)