Diponegoro University Student Team won the National Level of Poster Design Competition organized by Yogyakarta State University. This team consists of Gresa Grinaldi (History Student 2016, Faculty of Humanities) and Moh. Taufik Afandi (Computer Engineering Student 2019, Faculty of Engineering).

“This event is a National Student Competition held by Faculty of Social Sciences of Yogyakarta State University as a series of event of the 57th Anniversary of UNY, with the theme of Transformation of Learning Culture in Adapting with New Habits in the Pandemic Era,” said Gresa as the team leader.

“In the selection process for the poster competition, there are two rounds, namely the submission of works and the second round of poster presentation. In the first round there were approximately 150 works from around 80 universities in Indonesia, while in the second round, they were selected into the top 6 and given the opportunity to be presented, then tested and judged by 3 juries who are lecturers from Department of Visual Communication Design,” he continued.

Furthermore, Gresa said that the works made convey messages behind all the limitations in this pandemic era, which means that there are still good sides that we can see. Online learning activities should be complemented with harmonious atmosphere at home because students no longer go to school. In addition, in this pandemic era we must be able to become more resilient individuals and be able to take advantage of this situation as an acceleration to make ourselves a much better person than before.

“The reasons behind various competitions that I participate in with similar themes, this one is often missed. That is, learning from home is actually an opportunity for us to start big changes with small things that we can do from home,” he explained.

Besides this competition, Gresa Grinaldi has participated in several poster and infographic competitions, as an individual, not a team. The competitions won by him include 2nd place in national infographic competition of Semarang Energy Summit (held by Semarang Student Energy Council), 4th place in national student info-graphic competition (held by Geography Education Study Program Student Association, Jember University), 1st place in national poster competition (held by LIMAS student press agency, Sriwijaya University), 1st place in national graphic design competition (held by OSIS SMAN 17 Bekasi) and 3rd place in independent campus poster competition (held by Student Executive Board of Syiah Kuala University).

“Anyone can have the opportunity to compete or participate in various competitions according to the skills or fields. Keep the spirit and do not be afraid to fail. Behind these few victories, I have experienced around twenty-seven failures in the similar kind of competition, but these failures have made me to be more prepared to face failure and to stop repeating the same mistakes,” he said. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)