In order to implement the standard learning strategies from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Faculty of Science and Mathematics UNDIP provides training so that participants can understand more about case study-based learning. This training is held on Thursday, June 3rd 2021 at 10:00-12:00 AM by using Ms.Teams platform. This activity is also carried out as a form of community service from Abdimas team of Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science and Mathematics UNDIP.

Secretary of Mathematics Department, Mrs. Dr. Titi Udjiani, S.R.R.M. delivered a speech before the activity begins. She mentioned that learning strategies using case studies have a very good impact in optimizing the teaching and learning process in the classroom. Moreover in pandemic era, lecturers and students cannot meet face to face, and case study learning will help both lecturers and especially students to understand the lecture materials. This activity is aimed at lecturers and students at Faculty of Science and Mathematics UNDIP. This learning strategy is expected to be applied by lecturers in the next lecture by revising the existing Semester Lesson Plan. This is supported by the campus for better quality of future learning.

The moderator of this discussion is Layla Indah Pradita, and Dr. Susilo Hariyanto and Drs. Sudarno, M.Si. provide material about learning with Problem Based Learning. The theme selected is actually a suggestion from UNDIP Mathematics alumni. In order to meet the expectations of UNDIP Mathematics alumni and to adapt with the existing standards, this kind of training is carried out. In the future, this kind of activity will be carried out for the progress of Faculty of Science and Mathematics UNDIP. (Diska-PR)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)