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Faculty of Medicine UNDIP Held a Joint Seminar with Indonesian Psychiatric Association

Friday (23/4), Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University held an online seminar with Semarang Branch of Indonesian Psychiatric Association (Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Jiwa Indonesia) with the theme “Psychological Impacts on Covid-19 Survivors (Long Covid)”. The event presented reliable speakers, namely dr. Hang Gunawan Asikin, Sp. K and dr. Soesmeyka Savitri, Sp.K and moderated by dr. Cut Fitri Annur (Faculty of Medicine Undip). The seminar is held online using Zoom meeting platform and is open to the public. Participants are not only from Central Java but also from various regions outside Java who are enthusiastic about participating in the seminar. More than a hundred participants attend the seminar.

The first presentation is delivered by dr. Hang Gunawan Asikin, Sp. K, dr. Hang, explained that the current pandemic conditions made us all feel confused and caused panic in a number of circles. These conditions create instability and feelings of anxiety in society. Its impact make the body’s immune and psychological conditions decrease.

“The long Covid-19 phenomenon occurs both subjectively and objectively, while in some people, symptoms can persist and reappear after weeks of being declared cured,” said dr. Hang. Hang added that generally people between the ages of 18-34 in condition of good health, about 20% of them reported prolonged symptoms. Some of the symptoms of health problems that are found are fatigue, headaches, coughs, respiratory problems and stomach aches.

Hang explained that the consequences of long Covid include loss of interest, depression, reduced energy, worry about bad luck, difficulty concentrating, motor tension, and trying to end life.

From the symptoms above, dr. Hang provides stress management tips, which is a process of changing someone’s thinking or point of view about a certain situation to change maladaptive feelings that cause discomfort.

According to dr. Hang, the handling of long Covid patients is suggesting the survivors to exercise, drink lots of water, manage stress well. Furthermore, dr. Hang urged to always do emotional stabilizing techniques; keep in touch with people around; remain to be productive even in post-recovery state; do regular exercise; and do not hesitate to consult a psychologist/psychiatrist.

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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