Many people are reluctant to drink milk, the reason is because of the opinion that drinking milk can make the body fat. According to the Clinical Nutrition Specialist, dr. Etisa Adi Murbawani, M.Si.Sp.GK, in fact drinking milk will not make the body fat, what makes fat is the total daily intake that exceeds the need.

“Not all milk can make you fat, it depends on the type of milk, as well as the way and the time of consuming it. It is not the milk that makes you fat but the food you are eating while consuming milk, maybe you add toast or have previously eaten rice with all kinds of side dishes,” said dr. Etisa in the Healthy Talk Show in collaboration with Diponegoro National Hospital (Rumah Sakit Nasional Diponegoro / RSND) Diponegoro University with Trijaya FM Semarang with the theme “Drinking Milk does not Make You Fat”, on Thursday (5/6).

“In milk there is fat and small substances that we need such as calcium and vitamins. However do not think that after drinking milk we do not need to consume anything else because we also still need fiber or other minerals that the body needs besides minerals contained in milk,” she continued.

According to dr. Etisa, drinking milk for children and adults is different, the number of times they consume it and the type of milk is also different. For example, a newborn baby, whose digestive organs can only digest liquid form, especially breast milk, if the breast milk is not enough, it is replaced with formula milk, then after six months and above are given additional food gradually.

“Milk is not the main food, it is a complementary food thus it cannot substitute main food. Moreover, drinking milk does not make you fat. For those who like to drink milk but are afraid of getting fat, we can choose milk that is low in sugar or low in fat, in fact there are some substances in milk that help to break down fat, so that it can make digestion better and weight management process faster,” she added.

“Do not be afraid to consume milk, now there are many kinds of low fat milk even milk for people with diabetes. We still have to regulate the composition of our meal, when and how to consume it. If you cannot drink cow’s milk, you can replace it with soy milk or almond milk. Please keep consuming other foods such as fish, eggs, ice cream, tempeh, and tofu which contain a lot of calcium. Consuming milk before going to bed can help you sleep more soundly and comfortably because of the tryptophan content in milk, so that the quality of sleep improves well,” said dr. Etisa. (Linda Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)