“When I heard the name Diponegoro University, I thought that Undip was a good university in Indonesia, I also got information about Undip from my friends in Indonesia. Friends and lecturers in Indonesia recommended me to study at UNDIP because this campus has excellent educational quality, of course graduates will also be qualified and ready to work, and UNDIP is a campus that is open to international students,” said Ahmed AO Shbair, a DISS student (Diponegoro International Student Scholarship) Masters in Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Diponegoro University, from Palestine.

“I majored in Master of Communication Science, with a concentration on media, culture and society studies. I chose this study program at Diponegoro University because I am enthusiastic to study at UNDIP, I also know that this campus has many great study programs, experienced lecturers. This is also one of favorite campuses for students in Indonesia,” he continued.

Ahmed told his experience when he first lived in Semarang, he said that he had experienced difficulties due to cultural differences, but in the end he quickly adapted to the new environment. Previously he had lived in Yogyakarta for a year and studied Indonesian, for him Indonesia had become his second home.

“There are so many memorable experiences while studying in Indonesia, I came from Palestine and was accepted to study at UNDIP. Here I can study in peace and comfort, besides that the experience will also be more beautiful when I can graduate next year and achieve my dreams,” he said.

He conveyed a message to fellow students who study far from their home countries, that the purpose of life is to work hard and diligently in order to achieve best results. Learning is the best goal so that experience and skills can develop. Don’t hesitate to study away from your home country in order to gain many valuable new experiences and to be able to share knowledge or culture between two countries.

“I also hope that UNDIP will continue to improve the quality of education to be a World Class University, this will definitely increase the interest of international students in the coming years to continue their studies at UNDIP, and continue to provide scholarship opportunities to international students. I thank UNDIP because I am one of the students who got the opportunity of DISS scholarship in 2020,” said Ahmed.

“This Covid-19 pandemic is a difficult time, but students still have the opportunity to study even though conducted online. Hopefully the pandemic will end soon because I miss face-to-face learning moments. So during this pandemic most of my activities are done online, and some of them are offline due to the difficulty of applying online, but we still implement health protocols,” he concluded. (Linda – Public Relations)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)