Journal of Chemistry Science and Its Applications, Discussion of Faculty of Science and Mathematics Undip with Prof. Peter Atkins with Theme of “The Origin of the Law of Nature”

The Law of Nature is a topic discussed by Prof. Peter Atkins from Oxford University in his book entitled “Conjuring the Universe”. This book is included on books that are considered to contain important theories in science about nature. Today, on Wednesday (9/6), Journal of Chemistry Science and Its Applications, of Faculty of Science and Mathematics Undip, holds a discussion related to the theory in that book through Zoom Meeting. The discussion, which is packaged in the form of a webinar, is attended by nearly 1000 participants who are not only from within the country but also from abroad.

Prof. Peter Atkins is well known as someone who deals with big topics. As an expert who has been analyzing the natural sciences for decades, the book “Conjuring the Universe” as his latest writing, is not dissapointing its readers. Researching about the laws of nature, he tries to answer the question of how the laws of nature emerged. Through his book, Prof. Peter Atkins likes to write beautiful words such as poetry for the simplicity and beauty of mathematics that governs the universe inhabited by humans.

Discussing things like conservation of energy, the speed of light and thermodynamics. Prof. Peter Atkins conveyed where did these laws of nature come from, how did the combination of these laws produce an extraordinary universe? Also, why mathematics became a language that can express these laws of nature so usefully? This very interesting discussion can be followed through Zoom Meetings and also from Youtube with the link (Diska-PR)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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