Semarang – Diponegoro University is currently holding Online Independent Exam of Prospective Undergraduate Students starts from June 21st – July 2nd 2021. The online exam is one of the requirements included in the assessment, plus report cards and portfolio scores. Starting from the first day until the third day on Wednesday (23/6/2021), the online exam runs orderly and smoothly.

However, there are some participants who experience problems during online exams. The obstacles include:

  1. Zoom application that suddenly turns off during the exam, so the supervisor loses contact with the participant
  2. Participants who cannot take the exam / are late because the data entered is similar with data in the system
  3. Participants who cannot login because they have never participated in a trial before.

The online exam is the first to be held for Independent Exam in 2021. In its implementation, Independent Exam on this year uses the CAT (Computer Assisted Test) application designed by Diponegoro University IT team under the direction of Vice Rector III for Communication and Business Undip, Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE., MA., Ph.D. The CAT application makes participants to be able to work on exam questions from their respective domiciles. The implementation process is monitored by Undip IT team. If there are technical problems, Undip IT team will immediately handle them. “Since this is the first time, it is natural that there are still some participants who have difficulties or obstacles when registering or during the exam,” said Dwi. In avoiding obstacles while taking the exam, he advised participants to prepare themselves before the exam, including:

  1. Setting up the laptop
  2. Making sure the availability of the wifi/quota network
  3. Getting ready one hour before the exam starts
  4. Reading carefully the rules before the exam starts
  5. Obeying the rules during the exam
  6. Lots of practice
  7. Taking a trial to be well prepared
  8. Praying before doing exam questions

Undip Online Independent Exam of Prospective Undergraduate Students will last for 10 days. Every day there are 3 exam sessions and supervised online by supervisors considering it is still a pandemic. One supervisor is in charge of supervising 20 examinees. The online exam is closely monitored by officers, so participants are required to turn on the video to be monitored by supervisors. (Utami-PR)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)