SEMARANG – Diponegoro University Vocational School hosted the International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Applied Sciences (ICChEAS), an international chemical engineering conference held every two years. The event, which was attended by academics, professionals from the industrial world, and researchers from various countries, will be held virtually on November 3rd-4th 2021.

The chairman of ICChEAS 2021 committee, Hermawan Dwi Ariyanto Ph.D, said the ICChEAS seminar is an activity that is held regularly every two years. Previously, the ICChEAS seminar was held at Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh in 2019 and this year Undip is hosting it through Vocational School.

In organizing this event, Undip as the host of ICChEAS 2021 will involve three universities as co-hosts, namely Syiah Kuala University of Banda Aceh, Riau University, and University Technology of MARA (UiTM) Malaysia. “The appointment of Undip as the host this year cannot be separated from the role of Dean of UNDIP Vocational School, Prof. Dr. Ir. Budiyono, M.Si,” said Dwi Ariyanto, on Wednesday (23/6/2021).

This 2021 ICChEAS seminar take the theme “Designing Tomorrow: Towards Sustainable Engineering and Technology”. This scientific forum, which is dedicated as a global forum in the context of disseminating research and development results in the field of chemical engineering and applied science, will invite several relevant industry players from both domestic and abroad. Thus, the final result is expected to be relevant to the real needs nowadays.

There are four keynote speakers and five invited speakers who have expressed their willingness to join this forum. Several keynote speakers who have expressed their willingness include Prof. Hidefumi Yoshii from Setsunan University Japan; Assoc. Prof. Jaka Sunarso from Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia; Dr. Thomas Holmes from The University of Sheffield United States; and Prof. Abrar Muslim from Syiah Kuala University Indonesia.

While the invited speakers who have given confirmation include Dr. eng. Asep Bayu (UPI, Bandung), Dr. Nanang Masruchin (LIPI Biomaterials); Dr. Atikah Kadri (UiTM, Malaysia); Dr. Teuku Rihayat (Lhoksumawe Polytechnic); and Dr. Novi Hery Yono, (PPSDM Migas – CEPU). The speakers will present their studies and thoughts at ICChEAS 2021.

Hermawan Dwi Ariyanto hopes that this activity will run smoothly. He advised the academic community to take part in activities in the scientific field according to the topic of the seminar. “This seminar activity will also be published in the Scopus-indexed conference proceedings,” said Ariyanto.

Not only that, some of the best articles will be published in reputable journals and indexed by Scopus. Acceptance of seminar abstracts is open until August 31st 2021. For more information about this seminar, please contact Hermawan (0857-2700-8949), Rizka Amalia (0856-4137-7920) and Shifa Fauziah at 0856-4171-2712. (PR team)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)

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