The Student Executive Board of Diponegoro University held the Opening Ceremony of Diponegoro Art Competition 2021. The event is held online by live streaming on Youtube channel of Undip TV on Friday (25/06) at 07.00 AM.

Diponegoro Art Competition (DAC) is an annual work program held by the Student Executive Board of Diponegoro University in the field of Arts and Sports in 2021. This biggest annual art competition event at Diponegoro University will be held from June 25th-26th 2021.

Diponegoro Art Competition 2021 brings the theme of “Baskara Bhinneka Nusantara”. With the development of an increasingly dynamic era, the noble values of Kebhinnekaan (Diversity) are expected to be maintained properly. “It is hoped that we can become humans who are adaptive to significant changes but can still uphold Diversity in the Archipelago,” said the Chief Executive of Diponegoro Art Competition 2021, Reyzza Anferditya.

For these two days, Diponegoro Art Competition 2021 will hold competitions such as Male/Female Pop Song Cover, Male/Female Dangdut Song Cover, Male/Female Seriosa Song Cover, Male/Female Keroncong Song Cover, Poetry Writing, Short Story Writing, Play Writing of Poetry Reading of Male/Female, Poster Design, Painting, Black and White Photography, Monologue, Comic Strip and Vocal Group competitions.

Diponegoro Art Competition 2021 must be held online, but it does not take away the essence as well as the enthusiasm and determination of the participants. “Although Diponegoro Art Competition is held online, I believe this will not decrease our enthusiasm and determination to channel the soul of art into the works we have,” explained Undip Head of the Student Executive Board, M. Chory Firdaus enthusiastically. “Diponegoro Art Competition is a forum that is given to all students to channel their interests and talents in the field of arts, which will later produce talented and inspiring artists,” he continued.

The Rector of Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama, S.H., M.Hum., welcomed the implementation of Diponegoro Art Competition 2021. “As the Rector of Diponegoro University, I warmly welcome the Diponegoro Art Competition with the theme of Baskara Bhinneka Nusantara,” said Prof Yos.

A great nation is a nation that has independence in culture, Diponegoro Art Competition event is expected to be a cultural relay from generation to generation. “This activity is very strategic because it tries to pass the great cultures that lead to goodness of a nation and can be passed to the next generation. With this relay pattern, the strong independence of the nation will be built,” he said. (Dhany-PR)

Translated by: Titis (Public Relations)